Check the flow to purchase real estate in a flowchart!

STEP1 Consultation

Please tell us your dream, life plan and budget.

STEP2 Collection and selection of property information

We are responsible for introducing better ones.

STEP3 Local information and loan consultation

On-site confirmation of the surrounding environment, roads, grounds and facilities.
In addition, we will talk about the interest rate and period of each bank.

STEP4 Purchase application

Make a clear statement that you want to buy.
Please clearly fill in the "purchase application form" with the desired purchase amount, contract date, amount of deposit and desired borrowing amount.

STEP5 Sales contract

Prior to the sales contract, you will receive an explanation of important matters from the residential land and building transaction manager, and then sign the “Sales Contract”.

STEP6 Loan application and loan contract

Sign your name on the loan application form.
Acquisition of necessary documents, bringing them to banks, meeting / contracting.

STEP7 Settlement and delivery of property

Payment of the remaining price,
At the same time, the judicial scrivener will carry out the procedure for registration of ownership transfer.