There are various matters involved in real estate transactions and rental management such as tax, legal issues, land and construction. But it's difficult, and there are many things I don't understand. You may regret that if you have the legal knowledge to not fail, you could have chosen a more advantageous method ... Alternatively, there may be pitfalls hidden in unexpected places. but it's okay! Please rest assured! At Rich Road, experts in various fields will strongly back up your apartment management and condominium management.

In addition, we hold a real estate investment at home seminar on the second Saturday of every month, where we have the opportunity to directly hear specific and easy-to-understand stories from experts in various fields such as lawyers and tax accountants. We provide tax stories such as tax returns and inheritance, and law stories to prevent you from falling into the pitfalls of apartment management.

You can see past seminar contents here!

Attorney Shintaro Tsuchida

9 Graduated from Hitotsubashi University Faculty of Law
October 11 Passed the bar exam
October 13 Registered as a lawyer (Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association) and entered Asuka Law Office
October 19 Inaugurated as Asuka Partner, Law Office
March 24 Appointed as representative partner of Law Office Asuka
January 28 Opened Royal Night Law Office
Main Business
Litigation procedures, mediation procedures, criminal justice procedures, creation of legal documents such as contracts, contract conclusion and settlement negotiations, various legal consultations, various legal investigations
Handling field
Real estate case, labor case, bankruptcy debt consolidation, traffic accident, consumer case, divorce inheritance, intellectual property rights, company legal affairs, shareholder meeting measures, immigration relations, administrative case, criminal case
Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association Legal Counselor
Dai-ichi Tokyo Bar Association on duty lawyer
Tokyo San Bar Association Tama Branch Legal Counselor
Legal Relief Society Foundation legal counselor
Participation in various legal training sessions sponsored by the Nichibenren and Tokyo San Bar Association
All Japan Real Estate Association legal consultation

CPA / Tax accountant Haruo Tateno

October 60 Passed the second examination of the certified public accountant and joined the central accounting firm
March 62 Keio University Faculty of Science and Engineering Graduated in Mathematical Sciences (Mathematics)
March 3 Registered as a certified public accountant, Haruaki Tateno Office
Opened (current CPA / Tax Accountant Tateno Management Accounting Office)
Main Business
Tax consulting related to various investment management products, real estate investment, apartment and condominium management, tax accountant business, management consulting business, financing consultation, accounting business outsourcing, accounting audit, fund audit, etc.
Handling field
Certified Public Accountant / Tax Accountant
Japan Tax Accountants Federation Tokyo Tax Accountants Association Kyobashi Branch Member
Japan Certified Public Accountants Association Tokyo Association Member
Idea Audit Corporation Representative Employee
Presided over a group that thoroughly pursues asset management and defense [Mazen Bi Club]
Actively implementing apartment / condominium management in Chiba and Tokyo

Judicial scrivener and administrative scrivener Masami Yamanashi

Yamanashi Judicial Administration Office
Chuo University Faculty of Law Graduated
Main Business
Real estate registration obligation, commercial bookkeeping business, adult guardianship petition, simplification litigation agency business, government agency license application business, immigration application agency business
Handling field
Inheritance registration application, ownership transfer registration application, mortgage setting / erasure registration application, company establishment registration, officer change registration, stock issuance registration, merger registration, adult guardianship / assurance work, simplified lawsuit litigation, home building license application , Construction business license application, industrial waste collection and transportation license application, status of residence change, renewal of period, etc.
Member of Tokyo Bar Association
Adult Guardianship Center Legal Support Member
Tokyo administrative scrivener society member
Simplified litigation agency certification
Immigration application agency authorization

Judicial scrivener Ryo Abe

After working at an IT information and communication company and a judicial scrivener office
16 Judicial scrivener Shinjuku Office opened
Main Business
Real estate comprehensive settlement business, listed company commercial legal affairs, management consulting, etc.
Main seminars
Real Estate Registration Seminar
(Tokyo Chamber of Commerce, All Japan Real Estate Association, Tokyo Real Estate Association)
Handling field
Judicial scrivener, chief of real estate transaction
Secretary, National Council of Juvenile Judicial Scriveners
Member of the Shinjuku City Condominium Management Association
Member of NPO Judicial Depopulation Support Network
NPO Homeless General Counseling Network Member
Member of NPO Japan Crisis Management Institute

Land and House Surveyor Qualified person Isao Yamaguchi

2 Graduated from Shimane University Faculty of Law
(After working at a securities company)
9 Enter the judicial scrivener and land and house surveyor industry
13 Worked at Fujisawa Office
18 Passed land surveyor
Main Business
Division Building title registration, land boundary confirmation work
Handling field
Judicial scrivener, land surveyor, administrative scrivener

Insurance agency business Hiromitsu Ninomiya

7 Acquired non-life insurance ordinary / special grade qualification Obtained life insurance ordinary qualification
8 Life insurance professional qualification
9 Opened independently
14 Obtained investment trust handling qualification
Main Business
Overall risk management operations
Handling field
Planning, contracting, and handling accidents for non-life insurance products (fire, earthquake, rent collateral, facility liability insurance, etc.)
Planning and contract of life insurance products (manager insurance, inheritance insurance, etc.)
Handling of defined contribution pension (XNUMXk)
Japan General Insurance Association Regular member
Tokio Marine & Nichido Royal Stay Task Love member