2022.03.27  I attended the GAIATOWN seminar.

2022.01.31  Closed day notice

2021.11.04  Notice of obtaining construction license

2021.05.22  [Recruitment] We released a video introducing the company-youtube channel

2021.05.22  ★ May held ★ Notice of online seminar ★

2020.08.31 ★ WEB holding ★ News of the 150th At Home Seminar

2020.08.25 ★8/29 Seminar ★Real estate appraiser direct report ◎Notice of sale seminar

2020.08.09 Notice of summer holiday

2020.08.04 Sunday, August 8 Notice of closed days

2020.08.03 ★ WEB holding ★ News of the 149th At Home Seminar

2020.07.18 Real estate appraiser direct report! Sale seminar notice

2020.07.06  Announcement of the 148th At Home Seminar / Reform Seminar

2020.06.24 Greeting of office relocation

2020.06.23 Notice of temporary suspension of telephone line due to office relocation

2020.06.15 147th At Home Seminar / Sale Seminar Notice

2020.04.21 Shortening of telephone response time due to measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection

2020.04.06 Notice of Reduction of Business Hours to Prevent the Spread of New Coronavirus Infections

2020.04.04 Announcement of cancellation of sponsored seminar due to spread of new coronavirus infection

2020.02.28 Notice of Sale Seminar

2020.02.01 Announcement of Seminar on Profitable Real Estate Sale

2020.01.27 Notice of temporary closure

2020.01.27 Notice of holidays due to building maintenance

2020.01.11 Regarding Real Estate Investment Seminar for Beginners

2019.12.07 Notice of New Year holidays

2019.08.08 Summer Holiday Notice

2019.07.19 Members exceeded 14,000!

2019.07.05 Notice of recruitment of 140th anniversary at home seminar

2019.06.08 Seminar was held in Taiwan [Notice]

2019.01.09 We have exceeded 13,000 members!

2019.01.13 Announcement of Appraiser Seminar

2019.01.04 New Year's greeting

2018.12.25 Notice of New Year holidays

2018.10.27 [Notice of Rental Management Points to Know x Loan Refinancing Seminar]

2018.10.08 Past Commemorative Seminar Introduction Page Notice

2018.09.17 We are in the middle of opening a letter version investment property information network! [Chinese version property information page is now open! ]

2018.08.13 Notice of summer holiday

2018.08.04 Management seminar "I want to know! Of Rental Management-Guarantee Company Edition "

2018.07.05 Notice of the launch of "Rich Road Escrow"

2018.07.05 Notice of Business Alliance with Escrow Agent Japan

2018.04.03 4/3 Notice of temporary closure after 12:XNUMX

2018.03.05 You can now make detailed settings for the property information email.

2018.01.22 The real estate appraisal page was opened.

2018.01.16 Rich Road was published on Sunday Daily 21.

2017.12.21 Notice of real estate appraiser registration completed

2017.07.27 We have obtained the Privacy Mark.

2017.04.21 Notice of obtaining construction license