On December 29, 12, Yuriko Koike, the governor of Tokyo, registered for real estate appraisal.
In addition, its economic value and profitability are not determined uniformly.
Therefore, real estate appraisal according to the purpose is required.
If you have such a problem
・ I do not know the validity of the price when buying and selling real estate
・ I do not know the price of real estate due to inheritance
・ Collateral value when financing
・ I want to know the profitability of investment when investing in real estate
・ I am troubled with asset valuation for settlement
・ Coordination between owners and tenants is difficult due to increase / decrease in rent
In such a case, a real estate appraisal is required.
Appraisal is the end if you issue a real estate appraisal report,
If you end up with an event in the paper, it's just a picture affair.
Therefore, it is possible to achieve the true purpose of the customer who is behind the appraisal.


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