Rich Road Co., Ltd. is a real estate investment specialist that supports condominium management and apartment management.
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Rich Road, a real estate investment company that supports condominium management and apartment management


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Why you can leave it with confidence

Tenant recruitment for investment real estate1.Recruitment of tenants for investment real estate

Considering the investment purpose of the ownerRecruitment

Unlike general real estate companies, we support owners' apartments and condominiums from an investment perspective.
We will not recruit rents at inexpensive rents! We are looking for a cost-effective recruitment and proposal!

RecruitmentAbility to attract customers

More than 9% of those who are considering moving or looking for a room are looking for Internet advertisements.
The amount of information delivered and the quality of Internet advertising affect the number of inquiries and visits, and determine the resident decision.
Our company distributes it to major portal sites, so that the rooms we are recruiting will always be noticeable to our customers.

Set a due dateRepair and renovation

Renovation results within 10 days on average!
At Rich Road, employees always go from witness to construction completion inspection!
It is a renovation that can be realized only because Rich Road has an evacuation attendance by employees and has a selection of contractors!

According to various purposesRepair proposal

Transform into a room that remains impressive just by changing some wallpapers to accent cloth
This is an easy-to-enter promotion renovation.

Rent collection rate 95.5%2. Rent collection

Initial responseSpeed

After the due date, the contractor who has not received payment will be requested to make an early payment by telephone or e-mail.
If you still do not receive a deposit, the contractor who has joined the guarantee company will request a replacement payment from the guarantee company,
Non-participating subscribers are encouraged to make deposits and collect them within one month.

For residentsJoin a guarantee companyPromote

When recruiting new tenants, in principle, you must join a guarantee company.
If there are no other renewed contractors or guarantors,
If you have fund transfer needs
We strongly recommend that you join a guarantee company.

Main work content

  • Recruitment
  • Contract agency
  • Rent management / transfer
  • Send statement
  • Update procedure
  • Contract procedure
  • Deposit return
  • Interior repair
  • Send contract money
  • Complaint handling
  • Aftercare

Owner support system3. Owner support system

No.1 in customer satisfactionAim for

  • Residents

    Safe and comfortable

    Providing a safe and comfortable living will lead to deterrence of departure and improvement of occupancy rate.

  • Owner

    Maintain important asset values

    Water leaks that occur suddenly outside of business hours, such as at night or on regular holidays of our company, can cause damage to downstairs if the response is delayed. Our 24-hour emergency dispatch service reduces owners' repair costs by minimizing damage and helps to maintain valuable asset values.

    • Water support
    • Clogged toilet
    • Water leak
    • な ど
    • Key support
    • Dropped key
      Forgot somewhere
    • な ど
    • Electrical equipment support
    • Breaker dropped due to lightning strike
    • Air conditioner does not work
    • な ど
    • Glass support
    • The glass broke due to a gust
    • な ど
    • Gas support
    • Water heater broken
    • Gas range does not ignite
    • な ど
    • Gas support
    • Water heater broken
    • Gas range does not ignite
    • な ど

Management area

Mainly in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama
Marketing a property
We will give you appropriate advice.

In addition, we propose services that can satisfy the residents and owners, such as "Whole Building Wi-Fi" and "Building Health Checkup".

Rent WEB

We have introduced a system that allows you to check statements at any time from the Internet.

Procedure for changing the management company

At Rich Road, change the owner, change the rent account for new tenant residents
No procedure is required by the owner, such as changing the management company. Make a smooth change.

About management fee

The management fee is XNUMX% of the remittance rent (+ consumption tax) * Except when vacant
Other fees for the management fee include the closing, cleaning, and maintenance costs for occupancy.

Consultation deskRegular holiday: Wednesday * Open on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.


Contact by Email

Reception hours: 10: 00 to 19: 00

  • What should I do first when the property is over?
  • Please prepare a lease contract, keys, building drawings, etc.
    We will check the materials once we have received it.
  • If I am late, can I get a rent?
  • In the case of non-payment, after receiving a replacement payment from the guarantee company in the case of joining a guarantee company
    I will send it to the owner. Even if you have not subscribed, we will promptly remind you and try for early collection.
  • Rich Road has a store in Shinjuku, can you recruit rentals in three prefectures?
  • There are cooperating real estate companies in each region through real estate network and past transactions
    We can attract customers without a store.
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