Free consultation by real estate appraiser

Office workers are busy with busy days,
I don't think you can spend enough time managing real estate.

I will accompany you as an advisory real estate appraiser for office workers.
Collateral valuation to show appropriate asset value as needed,
We will also prepare a real estate appraisal report for the purpose of investing in kind (paid option).

Do you need to grasp the economic value of a profitable property that continues to operate every day, as if you are grasping the health condition with a human dog once a year and picking out the risk of serious illness? For properties held by J-REAT and corporations for a long period of time, the price is assessed once every half year. We propose a regular assessment service for individual investors.

Mechanisms that individual investors have not yet noticed

Recently, it seems that the disparity in information asymmetry between professional amateurs regarding property information is shrinking due to the forestry of various property sites and the spread of information on SNS.
But what about the actual operation of the property?
For example, as you can see the operation report on J-REIT, they get the real estate appraisal report of the property every six months.
This is for accountability to investors, but by doing so, it is possible to understand the difference between the acquisition price and market value of each property and to consider measures such as portfolio replacement.

Individual investors without individual strategies

Is it okay to let the real estate agent talk about the timing of the sale?
Your own asset expansion strategy should be formulated over the medium to long term.
Of course, it may be difficult to make progress as planned without any slight changes due to changes in market conditions. However, I wonder how the unlucky move is.
In order to keep track of your own asset value, we propose a semi-annual price assessment to replace the property.

What properties can be handled?

Area: 1 prefecture and 3 prefectures (within about 1 hour from Shinjuku)
Age: New earthquake-resistant property (property whose construction has been certified since S56.6)
Type: One apartment, One apartment
Station distance: within 15 minutes on foot
* Please consult us even if the above conditions are not met.

Consultation is completely free

Please provide the required information and we will respond within 1 to 3 days.

I will be in charge


[Real estate appraiser] Koichi Matsuda


After graduating from college, he retired in just nine months after taking appointments at a telephone sales company that joined the company with a new graduate. One day after moving from part-time job to enjoying a freeter life, when he was thirty, he noticed that there was nothing to write in his resume's qualification column other than his ordinary driver's license.
After that, he passed the second examination of a real estate appraiser and a real estate appraiser, and successfully returned to society. Launched a real estate appraisal business at a listed comprehensive real estate company on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, conducted 20 appraisals a year, engaged in the acquisition and operation of office buildings at a REIT management company, and then abducted by taxi in Manila, where we studied abroad Even so, I escaped barely. After returning to Japan.

[Thought for fair land price formation]

When I was drunk by the bubble economy, I was still a student, so I didn't feel much of that excitement, but I don't think anyone doubted the eternal prosperity of the future.
What was the reality? We have witnessed individuals who have been forced to file auctions and have been forced to sell voluntarily by claiming auctions, as mortgage repayments have been delayed due to the economic downturn caused by the decline in land prices and the so-called bubble collapse.
The falling real estate prices have made me face the reality that so many people are changing their lives. I have no choice but to believe that fair pricing of real estate is indispensable for stabilizing people's lives so that no one can take such unfortunate thoughts.

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  • ・ Copy of transcript (Please prepare if available)
  • ・ House indication (please tell me the location of the property)
  • ・ Rent table (Rent roll. Copy of the receipt statement from the management company is OK)
  • ・ Copies of running costs such as property tax notices (documents delivered to the owner around May each year)
  • * Don't worry if you don't have all of the above.