• What is a real estate appraiser?


    A real estate appraiser is recognized and granted by the Act on Real Estate Appraisal as a person in charge of appraisal of real estate, as a fully competent expert.
    Therefore, real estate appraisers must understand the social and public significance of real estate appraisal, be aware of their responsibilities, and reward the trust and expectations of society in general by practicing accurate and sincere appraisal activities.
    To that end, first of all, as stipulated in the law, real estate appraisers must not act in accordance with their conscience, conduct appraisal of real estate in good faith, and damage their social credibility as a professional. At the same time, it goes without saying that we must not divulge any secrets that we have learned about what we have dealt with in our duties without a justifiable reason, and we must also strive to improve our qualifications by observing the following matters. It doesn't become.


    1. Acquire this through constant study and study, and strive to improve the progress of appraisal.

    2. To be able to explain the results of the appraisal to the client in an easy-to-understand and sincere manner

    3. Maintain a fair and reasonable attitude regardless of the interests of oneself or those involved, or for any other reason.

  • When real estate appraisal is required


    A real estate appraiser is the only qualified person allowed by the Japanese state to show the economic value of real estate in the economic order.
    Only real estate appraisers can perform real estate appraisal, which means that it is an exclusive business.
    If anyone else uses the word appraisal, they will be punished by the "Act on Real Estate Appraisal".
    Also, I heard that about 35,000 attorneys are currently registered in Japan, but real estate appraisers only count about one-third of them.Judging the economic value of real estate, and when it is needed, is so diverse that it is difficult to list all cases.


    1. Appraisal of real estate when making in-kind contributions under the Companies Act

    2. Clarification material to show the validity of the transaction price in the sale between affiliated companies

    3. Grounds for rent increase / decrease proceedings between the building lessor and the lessee

  • What properties can be handled?


    area:1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures (within about 1 hour from Shinjuku)
    Age:New earthquake-resistant property (property whose construction has been confirmed since S56.6)
    type:One apartment, one apartment
    Station distance:Within 15 minutes on foot
    * Please consult us even if the above conditions are not met.

  • I will be in charge


    [Real Estate Appraiser] Koichi Matsuda
    Worked on the graduation research "Impact of hydrogen fluoride on highly integrated ULSI manufacturing equipment" at the Faculty of Engineering of the National University with a major domestic non-ferrous metal manufacturer, and at that time, only one case was seen in Russia worldwide. In the meantime, I continued to carry out fierce demonstration experiments while groping.
    After graduating, he invested himself in the real estate industry and performed an overwhelming amount of due diligence on hotels, golf courses, factory sites, large-scale forests, etc. in a series of processes for disposing of non-performing loans after the burst of the bubble economy.
    In addition, after acquiring the real estate appraisal qualification, he joined the general real estate business listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and energetically started the real estate appraisal business and the real estate securitization that was in the early days at that time.
    After that, in order to study the management of real estate funds, he will change to the investment management department of the management company of a listed real estate investment trust (J-REIT) specialized in the city center.
    It succeeded in doubling the balance of assets under management at that time from 1,300 billion yen to 2,800 billion yen and conducting a public offering of about 800 billion yen.
    Later, he transferred to an investment company that intends to acquire the company, and performed asset due diligence of the target company to be acquired.
    To the present.

Just as you know your health with a human dog once a year and pluck the risk of a major illness.
Need to understand the economic value of profitable properties that continue to operate every day?
The prices of properties owned by J-REAT and corporations for a long period of time are assessed once every six months.
We propose regular assessment services for individual investors.

Mechanisms that individual investors have not yet noticed

Recently, it seems that the disparity in information asymmetry between professional amateurs regarding property information is shrinking due to the forestry of various property sites and the spread of information on SNS.
But what about the actual operation of the property?
For example, as you can see the operation report on J-REIT, they get the real estate appraisal report of the property every six months.
This is for accountability to investors, but by doing so, it is possible to understand the difference between the acquisition price and market value of each property and to consider measures such as portfolio replacement.

Individual investors without individual strategies

Is it okay to let the real estate agent talk about the timing of the sale?
Your own asset expansion strategy should be formulated over the medium to long term.
Of course, it may be difficult to make progress as planned without any slight changes due to changes in market conditions. However, I wonder how the unlucky move is.
In order to keep track of your own asset value, we propose a semi-annual price assessment to replace the property.


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  • * The materials required for consultation are as follows. We would like you to have it ready when you contact us.
  •  ・ Sales drawings (if available)
  •  ・ Copy of transcript (Please prepare if available)
  •  ・ House indication (please tell me the location of the property)
  •  ・ Rent roll (rent roll. A copy of the payment statement from the management company is okay)
  •  ・ Copies of running costs such as property tax notices (documents delivered to the owner around May each year)
  • * Don't worry if you don't have all of the above.