<Notice of Privacy Mark (P Mark) Acquisition>

We are pleased to announce that Rich Road Co., Ltd. has obtained the "Privacy Mark" certification from the Japan Information Economy and Society Promotion Association (JIPDEC) on July 29, 7.

The “Privacy Mark” refers to the Japanese Information Economy, Inc., for businesses that comply with the Japanese Industrial Standards JIS Q 15001 “Compliance Program Requirements for the Protection of Personal Information” and handle personal information appropriately. It is a mark given by the Japan Association for Social Promotion (JIPDEC).

◆ Date of certification: July 29, 7
◆ Expiration date: From July 29, 7 to July 4, 31
◆ Certification number: No. 17003068 (01)

P mark

We will continue to work on the appropriate protection of personal information so that you can trust us in the future.

Thank you very much.