A 43 year old man who retired early

Mr. K who retired from work early. I would like to manage my retirement allowance, but I was worried about where to start and whether it would be okay to make a real estate investment. There are many who can't find the entrance, or who can't find the best way for themselves.

The budget was about 1000 to 2000 million yen, and I received a straightforward reply. If I re-employed, my income would decrease, so I would like to make up about 100 million yen in annual income.

We recommend that you have two high-quality condominiums in the Tokyo area, with prices ranging from 700 million yen to 800 million yen, and a stable yield of about XNUMX%.

After the consultation, Mr. K visited the site several times with his feet and immediately purchased two apartments in Bunkyo Ward and Setagaya Ward. Mr. K was able to meet the property at an early stage, as he had plenty of budget and did not want a strict yield.

When it comes to real estate, I'm having a fight ... Mr. and Mrs. I

Mr. and Mrs. I, who both have an interest in real estate. "When I read real estate related books together, I get into a fight immediately because of disagreements ... But I want to buy ..." I visited the free consultation.

The couple are very close. I said that I want an annual income of 200 million yen, so I suggested that you bring 700 or 800 studio apartments of XNUMX million to XNUMX million yen.

The couple said that they would like to have two each, but since the wife who is self-employed has difficulty in lending, the husband will make a loan and purchase. Currently, we are happily looking at the homepage together with our husband and wife and inquiring about the property we like.

A 33 year old man inspired by a friend

Mr. H has many overseas business trips and few opportunities to return to Japan. When I returned to Japan, my colleagues at work heard about real estate investment. A lot of people in H's company are investing in real estate, and I was stimulated by saying, "If I'm also doing that, I'm ...".

But when it comes time, how can we start? Is it something I can do? I had no idea ... I came to the free consultation as a "first step".

What is real estate investment like? So I actually simulated and returned. You are still working on the purchase, but since you live in a distant place, even if there is a property you are interested in, it is difficult to move. After that, we also participated in the seminar.

A real estate boom, but ... I don't know at all 42-year-old woman

Mr. A who is doing medical work. You can see the word "real estate investment" on TV and newspapers, but what exactly is it? ? ? I'm interested, but I wonder if it's expensive ... It's a bit of talking about money to others. First of all, I came to the event because I wanted to hear the story.

We talked about "real estate investment" from the flow up to the purchase to the rental management after the purchase. After that, I was interested in a one-room apartment for 600 million yen, half of the budget of 300 million yen, saying, "It's the first time, so it's a little expensive, so ..." and I actually visited the site together. I liked the property and bought one room. I haven't decided whether or not to buy the second room for the first time since I became an owner, but I received a warm word that I might ask if there is a property you are interested in again.

Apartment or studio? ? ? Mr. and Mrs. S who are worried about

A wife next to her husband who says, "First of all, from the one room", and says, "If you own it, it's an apartment." I was worried about one room or apartment, so I came to a free consultation.

The self-financing is about 500 million yen, so I simulated each room and apartment. As a result, we will have children in the future, so we decided to purchase XNUMX one room by making a loan so that we can start from the one room without hurting. We are currently considering a one-room apartment. On weekends, the couple may go to see the property.

Staff in charge of customers considering the first real estate investment

Here is the staff in charge of dealing with customers who are considering the first real estate investment.

Apartment management and condominium management Rich Road is a real estate investment company that can handle both single apartments and condominiums.

Often, real estate companies that specialize in separately owned condominiums often have a large number of sales staff members who are not building real estate transaction managers, and are unable to provide accurate advice.
In the case of a local real estate company, there are many patterns of renting and buying and selling by themselves, and since we deal with various real estate such as land, building, parking lot, we may not have expertise in real estate investment.

Rich Road's staff in charge of apartment management and condominium management have a wealth of knowledge about real estate investment as a real estate investment specialist! All the staff are chiefs of real estate transactions, and can handle both single-building apartments and separately owned condominiums, so it is possible to accurately propose a life plan that suits each customer, so please feel free to contact us first. Please.

* I think there are some people who are worried about visiting us. In that case, you can consult with us at a coffee shop near us, so please feel free to let us know. (In the case of consultation at a coffee shop etc., we will do a simple hearing by phone.)