M-year-old 63-year-old man who is in trouble with rent arrears

Mr. M, who has been in trouble for a long time since his tenant contracted his rent for three months.

Even if you asked for a dunning from the real estate company that is requesting the management, it did not respond seriously, and the resident did not seem to accept the payment, so you came to see if you could manage it.

There were some problems, such as the dunning method of the real estate company and the discussion with the resident, so I advised on the specific method.

After returning home, I immediately took action and contacted the resident, and I was told that my attitude had changed completely and I had to pay monthly, though it was a division.

I, a 2-year-old male who currently has a two-story wooden apartment

I who is in trouble for the resident of the apartment.

One of the tenants (Mr. A) went directly to complain about the loud noise of the residents in the vicinity, so they seemed to be in consultation with what to do without filling up the surrounding room.

After consulting with the resident who has been affected and requesting that Mr. A also move, attach a co-operation and talk in front of the residents, saying, "We will bear the relocation cost, so please move both sides." I proposed.

As a result, it was decided that only Mr. A, who had been a Kramer, was relocated, and he was able to leave safely. The noise trouble was also resolved, and the room was fully occupied now, and I was thankful that it was very helpful.

B-year-old woman worried about garbage problem in apartment

Mr. B, who is in trouble because the garbage collection area of ​​his apartment is always dirty due to unsorted garbage and illegal dumping garbage, which makes it difficult to fill up vacancies.

We recommended setting up a trash collection box and cleaning the building with silver human resources.

By keeping the apartment clean, it was possible to improve the image and secure the residents safely. In the future, I also received advice on interior decoration.

51-year-old man who is in trouble with rent arrears

Elderly and unemployed men reside. Rent was 3 months late due to income only for pension.

The guarantor was refused to pay the rent far away, so he consulted with him on how to get out.

Judging from the age and income of the resident, we proposed that we apply for a welfare program. Currently, we were able to move to a room commensurate with the amount provided by the city hall. He said that he was able to pay all the arrears when he received good advice from his relatives.

For owners worried about rental recruitment and rental management

"It's unavoidable because it's a wooden apartment ..."
"It's an excuse to say that it's a three-point unit bus and it's a Japanese-style room.
"Because of the age of the building, there is no help for it even if there are many vacancies."

In recent years, 80% .70% .60% occupancy rates have been declining, and many real estate management companies are talking about it.

But don't give up! The apartment- and condominium-managed Rich Road has 1 rental management units including Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba, and three single-unit single-building wooden apartments. Achieved a rate of 3%, and many owners are satisfied!

At first please feel free to consult! With the know-how of an average occupancy rate of 95.00% that no other company has, we will guide the owner's room to full occupancy!

Lease recruitment and rental management staff

Building and Rental Management Department Staff
Here is the staff in charge who will respond to owners who are worried about rental management.
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In order to support your rental management in investment real estate and investment condominiums

The rental management performed by our company mainly consists of the following nine tasks.

  1. Recruitment of tenants… Creation of rental recruitment drawings, introduction on our management site, etc.
  2. Procedures for contract, renewal, and cancellation… Resident screening, explanation of important matters, preparation of contract, etc.
  3. Rent collection and remittance… Collect from the lessee and remittance to the owner
  4. Prompt for non-payment of rent… Improvement by telephone, e-mail, document, visit
  5. Responding to residents' troubles… Complete 24-hour emergency response service, receiving claims, etc.
  6. Witness of departure… Witness and inspection at the time of leaving the room, request for repair expenses, settlement of security deposit, etc.
  7. Arrangement of renovation… Proposal of new renovation, arrangement of contractor, etc.
  8. Investigation of one building and exclusive area… Survey of exterior and common facilities, equipment in each exclusive area, etc.
  9. Cleaning of one building: Cleaning of the site, cleaning of garbage dumps, etc.