Seriously face life in old age ...

Distrust of public pensions is growing, and there is a lot of uncertainty about the future.

After retirement, I want to live a life that is financially and mentally affordable rather than a luxurious life.
I want to enjoy gardening as a couple and go on a trip abroad that I have never been to without worrying about anything.

It is a recommended conference for such people.

The pension crisis is featured in news and newspapers on a daily basis.
Distrust of public pensions has increased, and many are worried about their retirement.

Mr. T who visited us before was one of them.
(* Posted with permission of the person himself.)

At that time, I was 64 years old, received a retirement allowance of 2,000 million yen, and am living a humble life with my wife.

The mortgage finally paid off in the previous year, but stillThe monthly living cost is 20 yen, and the annual cost is 240 million yen.
Retirement allowance bottoms out in about eight yearsI was very worried about that.
He was planning to receive a pension from the next year, but he said he was worried.

I made a stock investment but it didn't work ...
I'm old and I don't want to take much risk ...
Still, I want a stable income.

Since Mr. T has already retired, he cannot get an investment loan.
Therefore, using part of the retirement allowance, we acquired 3 studio apartments,Rent income 14 yen a monthIt has been obtained.

Mr. T was saying this.

Perhaps we could have lived a richer life if we carefully considered measures for retirement at an earlier stage.
However, I am very grateful for the monthly rent, and above allMentally easybecame.

In this individual consultation, after hearing about the family structure, living expenses, etc.
We will make a cash flow table and help you create a life plan for your old age.

* Please be assured that we will respond confidentially.

※ We accept from time to time! We will ask you for your time, etc.


What is the condition immediately after vacancy is released! ?

The most worrisome thing about investing in real estate is vacancy.

No matter how good the expected yield will be, if it becomes "vacant", management expenses and repair reserves will be incurred monthly.《Box that creates a deficit》It becomes.

Let's compare. Which income is higher?

* Comparison of income for two years.

● Property 1 ●
Price 500 million yen, rent 50,000 yen, management fee + reserve for repair 8,000 yen
Real yield 10.0% 《Vacancy assumption》 2 months in 4 years
* Income ¥ 80.8 *

● Property 2 ●
Price 500 million yen, rent 45,000 yen, management fee + reserve for repair 8,000 yen
Real yield 8.8% 《Vacancy assumption》 2 month in 1 years
※※ Income 83.5 yen ※※

If vacancies continue for a long time, we must consider 《Rate reduction》.

It may still be comfortable to buy cash, but if you pay a loan every month, it will be difficult.

"The location is good, but because it doesn't have the facilities of ○○," vacancy "has continued for half a year ..."
“I thought it would be safe because it's in the southwestern part of Tokyo, but I didn't think there was an area with a high vacancy rate.”
I often hear such voices, but on the other hand,

“The location is not very good, but since it has the facilities of ○○, I do not have to worry about vacancies. I have not been negotiated to reduce the rent.”
"It doesn't have the facilities of ○○, but because the location is excellent, it will be decided immediately even if it becomes vacant."
There are also owners.

Our company not only sells and sells, but also manages condominiums and apartments in 1 prefecture and 3 prefectures."Conditions that are determined immediately even if there are vacancies"I understand.

Total << balance >> is important. Before buying a property, why not figure out which area has a low vacancy rate?

※ We accept from time to time! We will ask you for your time, etc.