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Question title: Purchase of real estate by overseas residents

I had a similar question before, but let me ask you again.

I am currently living in the United States permanently, but I would like to buy a house for around XNUMX million yen to stay in Japan. I need to get a loan when making a purchase. Can I stay abroad and get a loan in Japan? If so, what are the conditions? By the way, I have a home in the United States that is repaying the loan. My annual income is about XNUMX million, and my husband is about XNUMX million. Thank you.

About buying a house

Mr. Ueda, nice to meet you. Regarding "whether it is possible to live overseas and receive a loan", I would like to say from the conclusion that there is a possibility.In the case of a mortgage, if the purpose is not to continue living, it will not be the target of the loan, so it seems that it will be the target of use such as a second house loan.Since our company is a company specializing in real estate investment, we are sorry that we cannot make a clear statement, but we recommend that you ask a bank or a real estate agent specializing in housing regarding the handling of mortgages.

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