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Question title: Sale and lease contract of resident property

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The economic downturn has reduced employment income, making it difficult to pay mortgages for home apartments.
We have been selling home condominiums for half a year, but there are no buyers for XNUMX years.
If this situation continues, it will be difficult to sell at a price that can abolish the mortgage, and the moving costs will not remain.
Also, I do not want to leave the school district if possible, because of my child's commuting.
So, as a consultation, is it possible to look for a condominium investor who will be the owner, assuming that you will continue to live in your current home apartment with a lease agreement?

Sorry for your late reply.

Nice to meet you.
Sorry for your late reply.

You can, of course, sell your property as a property change subject to a lease agreement.

If you give me detailed information of your home apartment, we will evaluate the sale price of your home apartment and the rent of the lease agreement.

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