Why buy on Rich Road?

Among real estate, we would like to purchase investment real estate on Rich Road.

Because Rich Road has been involved only in investment real estate for many years,Three major strengthsBecause there is.


XNUMX. "Strict eyes as a professional" and "Thorough research ability"

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We believe that the commission we receive is only a reward for the survey.
We will investigate and openly disclose any issues,I will not proceed if the problem cannot be solved
So you can purchase with confidence.

Field survey

  • Roads (road types, road widths, road conditions, setbacks, etc.)
  • Site (boundary to neighboring land, height to neighboring land, frontage, crossing border, ground type etc)
  • Buildings (outer walls, roofs, stairs, corridors, evacuation routes, iron, bicycle parking, garbage storage, etc.)
  • Facilities (manholes in roads, yards in homes, septic tanks, waterworks, city gas, etc.)

Legal Affairs Bureau investigation

  • Copies (real estate indications, matters related to ownership and rights other than ownership, etc.)
  • Public map (relationship between land and road, confirmation of position, shape and direction of land, etc.)
  • Landscaping survey map (confirmation of positional relationship between neighboring land and area shape per land with one brush etc.)
  • Building drawings (relationship with site, confirmation of each floor shape and floor area, etc.)

Government investigation

  • City Planning Division (restrictions for restricted areas, building and floor area ratios, altitude districts, fire prevention areas, etc.)
  • Road section (if the front road is a public road, get a copy of the road ledger plan, etc.)
  • Building Guidance Division (regulations under the Building Standards Law, rebuilding, acquisition of architectural planning summary, etc.)
  • Environment Division (Soil Pollution Control Law, Cultural Property Protection Law, Residential Land Development Regulation Law, Aviation Law, etc.)

Equipment survey

  • Waterworks Bureau (Acquisition of water pipe management charts, front roads, residential land service pipes, residential land piping, etc.)
  • Sewerage Bureau (Acquisition of sewerage ledger map, service pipes on front roads and residential lands, etc.)
  • Gas companies (main gas management and burial status service, front roads, residential land service pipes, etc.)

Part 2. Partnership with trusted experts

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Rich Road is an experienced lawyer, first-class architect, land and house investigator, judicial scrivener, tax accountant, apartment manager, etc. Strong "partnership" with expert teachersWe are building.
We can answer questions about specialized contents, such as civil law, building code, boundaries, registration, taxes, management associations, etc. that cannot be followed only with knowledge of real estate, and we are convinced to everyone while solving from all directions You can purchase it.


Part 3. Safe rental management

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Rich Road has built a rental management system that will satisfy customers after purchase.
In order to secure stable rent income, in addition to the three pillars of rent management, building management, and resident management, from September 3,"24-hour emergency response service" has been introduced.
We respond quickly to any complaints, such as failures of equipment such as air conditioners and water heaters, emergency troubles such as water leakage or theft from the upper floor, and complaints about noise and garbage removal from the neighborhood.

Currently, the vacancy rate of properties managed by Rich Road is less than 5%.
Most Rich Road customers are returning customers.
Please purchase it on Rich Road.

Rent management

Rent collection, delinquency reminder, deposit and withdrawal management, owner remittance, statement issuance etc.

Building management

Cleaning, equipment repair, indoor renovation, large-scale repair of roofs, outer walls, etc.

Complaint handling

Equipment / noise / trash removal trouble. Neighborhood complaint, lost key etc) → 24-hour emergency response service

Non-life insurance agency

Fire insurance, earthquake insurance, comprehensive housing insurance, etc.


Information for free consultation and real estate investment seminar

Rich Road offers a free consultation every Saturday.
Please feel free to contact us about anything, such as property, loan, rental management etc.
The person in charge will consult individually!

Click here for the free consultation page

We also hold a real estate investment seminar on the second Saturday of every month.
We will guide you free of charge for the first 25 customers.
After the seminar, we can also provide individual consultation, so please feel free to contact us.

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