Rich Road Co., Ltd. is a real estate investment specialist that supports condominium management and apartment management.
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Rich Road, a real estate investment company that supports condominium management and apartment management


For owners who have one apartment / apartment / one apartment!

We recommend renovation work at the real estate investment company Rich Road!

  • relief! More than 10 years of in-house management!
  • Shorten vacancy period! About 10 days on average from construction and remodeling order to completion!
  • A solid track record! Over 300 installations per year!

Do you have any problems?

  • I am worried about the fixed-price reform
  • Want to know about rent guaranteed renovation
  • Want to upgrade with minimum necessary equipment while keeping budget low

Please leave that trouble to Rich Road!

  • Please pay only for the cost of construction

    Recently, we often hear "flat-rate reform".
    When you hear "only XX million yen" or "XX yen pack", you will think that it is inexpensive.
    However, fixed-price reforms are the pitfalls.
    When you actually do the work, it can happen that additional work is necessary or that it is cheaper to do the work for each item.
    For this reason, Rich Road does not carry out flat-rate renovations, but works according to customer requests.

  • Renovation with rent guarantee is actually ...

    "Renovation with rent guarantee" seems to be very attractive only in words.
    However, the guaranteed rent is lower than the actual rent or market rent, or "I can not guarantee" in the first place ....
    If that happens, you'll spend years trying to get back a lot of construction costs.
    That's why Rich Road doesn't offer "rent guaranteed renovations".
    Furthermore, the construction period of Rich Road is about 10 days!
    The vacancy period can be as short as possible to welcome the next resident.

  • It is possible to propose an upgrade with a small budget

    If you ask another company to quote you for the time being, let's just listen to the story,
    Have you ever been asked to install too much equipment or interiors?
    Rich Road does not sell such goods.
    Rather than relying on excessive equipment, use minimal equipment and a slightly higher grade finish.
    We try to change the atmosphere of the room and create a room that will please both owners and residents.

    For example ...

    If there is no equipment replacement as normal restoration work cost, it will cost about 150,000 yen for replacement of cloth, cushion floor, replacement of consumables, etc.

    Therefore, as one point, change from cushion floor to floor tile, the difference is 30,000 yen to 40,000 yen, and if you put an accent cloth on the wallpaper, the difference is 5,000 yen to 10,000 yen, just add about 50,000 yen to those works It is possible to change the impression of the room!
    Of course, if there is a request such as "I want to further enhance the facilities!", We will propose the equipment and interior according to that.
    Rich Road, of course, not only respond to owners' requests,
    Considering the next resident, we will propose a design suitable for your room.

    [No equipment replacement] Normal restoration work cost 150,000 yen
    [Floor] Cushion floor → Change floor tile + 30,000-40,000 yen
    [Wallpaper] Add accent cross + 5,000-10,000 yen

Interior construction example

Old-fashioned ordinary room with dirty walls and storage

Upgrade floors and wallpapers! By changing the lighting, it changes into a stylish and gorgeous atmosphere!

Please leave the exterior work to Rich Road!

Rich Road is a real estate investment company.
Currently, we are constructing and reselling the purchased property so that everyone can purchase it with peace of mind.
We take responsibility until the end and do appropriate construction.
Naturally, staff members who are qualified for construction work are conducting on-site surveys.
Therefore, we can offer our customers with confidence!

Please feel free to contact us!

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