January 2019, 11 (Sat) 23:13-30:14

[Reform Seminar] will be held!

We are pleased to inform you that we will hold a <renovation seminar in a single apartment> alone ♪

★ Which is better, new apartment or second-hand apartment?
★ What is “effective renovation” in a single apartment! ?
★ How much does construction cost actually cost?
★ I want to know how to avoid vacancy risk!

Isn't it left to the management company somehow for the real estate leasing business that is inseparable "reform"?
However, it is a beginner's seminar for those who do not know what to do.
We will also introduce before and after renovations, construction costs to be worried about, and tips for improving vacancies and rents.


Click here for details ⇒Notice of remodeling seminar for beginners