Mortgage advisor(Jutaku Loan Advisor)

Is a general incorporated associationFinancial Testing AssociationOrJapan Mortgage Advisors AssociationOrGeneral FoundationHousing Finance Promotion Association(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismJurisdiction), incorporated associationAll Japan Real Estate AssociationSponsored and certified by eachJapan OfPrivate qualification.


The mortgage advisor system has the knowledge of proposing basic mortgage products and an optimal repayment plan so that repayments can be made without difficulty considering the income and life plan of the consumer as a debtor. Training courses have been held by several private organizations since September 2005 to prove that they can offer advice from the standpoint of customers (consumers).

The mortgage loan is also includedFinancial Planning Technician It is important to note that, although the qualification names are the same, the content of the questions differs depending on the organizing organization.

originallyReal estateAnd related to housing financeHousing Finance Corporation(At that time)Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismAt a study group held in December 2004 when buying and selling a houseHousing loanandFlat 35By application ofreal-estate company(Residential land building trader) To financial institutionsbrokerAs the business model of sending customers and getting commissions has become widely known, institutionalization as a certification has been proposed for the purpose of developing appropriate knowledge about mortgages for those involved in brokers. The initial qualifications for those working as mortgage brokers include:Specified nonprofit corporation(NPO corporation) Private qualification by the Japan Mortgage Planners AssociationMortgage plannerHas been implemented since 2009.

In addition, since this system only shows the skills as a “mortgage loan advisor” formulated by the organizer, it is not necessary for financial institution employees or real estate company employees to acquire the qualifications when working on mortgage-related work. Absent.


Mortgage advisor(Housing Finance Promotion Association)