Auction Real Estate ManagerIs a private qualification that indicates that you have a certain level of knowledge to provide advice and support on auctions to general consumers as a real estate auction professional.

There are no restrictions on the law for advising or acting on behalf of auctioneering real estate buyers, and even if you are not a homebuilder, you can open a business such as "auctioning business", so various troubles have occurred recently .

By establishing a qualification system for certain knowledge and abilities based on these backgrounds, consumers can purchase auction real estate with confidence.2011First time a year,2012The second test was conducted a year. XNUMXrd time2013The requirements for successful applicants for the home-building test have been removed from the yearly test, and more people have the opportunity to take the test. (In addition, registration after passing is required to pass the house.)

Auction Real Estate Manager(Real Estate Auction and Distribution Association)