Real estate consulting skill registrant(Fudosan Consulting)

This is a qualification created to ensure that you have a high level of expertise and sufficient experience to respond to diverse real estate needs that go beyond simple sales and rentals.

Real estate needs are diversifying along with changes in the socio-economic environment, and real estate securitization is progressing significantly. For example, the need for real estate consulting skills based on high expertise and a wealth of experience is increasing.

With the development of real estate securitization and securitization, this includes measures for new effective utilization methods and investment methods.

From January 25, the name of qualified personOfficial recognition Real Estate Consulting MasterWas changed to

In recent tests, the passing rate has fallen below 2% for the second consecutive year, and the number of long-form questions in the descriptive formula has been increasing. It should be noted that the applicants for this test are those who have a certain background, such as a residential land building contractor, so it is not always easy to say that the pass rate is easy.


It is said that Mr. Moto Nakano, who had been named a scholar of house building, advocated the establishment of a qualification to conduct consulting work separately from the chief of the house building (current residential land building contractor). He founded the Japan Real Estate Consultant Association, claiming that real estate consultants should be independent, like a judicial scrivener, rather than being placed among real estate agents (the association itself disbanded on August 2013, 8). . He wrote in his book that he wanted to spread his qualification as a real estate consultant, and that the Ministry of Construction (now the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport), who knew his idea, had begun qualification as a real estate consulting skills registrant. The former Ministry of Construction established the “Rules for Examination and Certification of Knowledge and Technology for Real Estate Consulting Business Certification” in 8 (Ministry of Construction Notification No. 4, July 4, 7). The Real Estate Consulting Skill Test / Registration System was started in 2 by the Real Estate Distribution Promotion Center (formerly Real Estate Distribution Modernization Center) as a business accreditation body based on the above rules. The number of successful applicants is very small, less than 1277 per year for most of the period, except for the first few years. Although business monopolies could not be obtained, as described later, the Real Estate Specified Joint Business Act, the Real Estate Investment Advisory Business Registration Regulations, and the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, which are jointly managed but are positioned as mandatory qualifications by ministerial ordinances, etc. The fact that the former Ministry of Construction has also issued a notice of administrative contact to each prefectural inspection department so that they can receive consulting fees is different from other private qualifications. In the real estate industry, which is subject to major changes due to the introduction of IT and the aging of the birthrate, real estate consulting is attracting attention as one of the future of the industry.

Currently, the Certified Real Estate Consulting MasterBuilding Management Manager,Certified Master of Real Estate Securitization Associationthe same as,Minister of Land, Infrastructure and TransportIt is a certification and has a specific status in the law as shown below.


Certified Real Estate Consulting Master(Real Estate Distribution Promotion Center)