Glossary of terms related to real estate investment.
Here are some words you should know about real estate investment, such as “Blue Declaration” and “Supplemental Loan”.


Brokerage agreement Terrible

An intermediary contract is a contract with the seller / buyer for the real estate company to "become the point of sale / purchase".
There are three types of intermediary agreements: (3) exclusive intermediary agreement, (XNUMX) exclusive intermediary agreement, and (XNUMX) general intermediary agreement.
(XNUMX) Under the exclusive full-time intermediary contract, the seller / buyer cannot sell / purchase by himself unless he / she goes through the contracted real estate company.
(XNUMX) The real estate company other than the real estate company that signed the contract will be the point of sale / purchase for the exclusive intermediary contract.
However, the seller / buyer can find the person to sell / buy by himself / herself.
③ A general intermediary contract is to enter into contracts with multiple real estate companies.