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Rich Road Co., Ltd. is a real estate investment specialist that supports condominium management and apartment management.
Number of registered members21,401Name, number of private properties698Full of profitable property information for investment real estate in the metropolitan area!

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  • We propose investment management methods by purpose
  • We will give priority to private properties
  • We will introduce a loan that suits you

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  • Simulation of income and expenditure
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Rich Road Advantages

  • We propose investment management methods by purpose

    I want to prepare for retirement ... I want to use it for tax saving measures ... The purpose varies from person to person. We can make proposals for each purpose based on past consultation results.

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    We will give priority to private properties

    In the free individual consultation, private properties that are not available on the real estate portal site are preferentially introduced.
    Since the property is mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, you can also guide many properties with yields of 10% or more.

  • We will introduce a loan that suits you

    Rich Road has been working with more than XNUMX financial institutions, so we can offer you the best loan for you.

    An example of a referral bank 、 、。。。

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Advantages of operating a single apartment apartment

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    Merit01Earn unearned income

    Because it is rent income, even if you can not work due to illness or injury, you can earn monthly income. (It may be different from actual depending on vacancy etc.)

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    Merit02Start with low risk

    Stocks tend to be influenced by the economy, but real estate investment can earn income with low risk.

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    Merit03Replace life insurance

    If mortgage lenders cannot afford to pay by joining “Group Credit Life Insurance”, mortgage is paid by insurance.

We can propose properties with less risk We can propose properties with less risk

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    Price: 10,750 million yen Surface yield: 10% Structure: Wooden

  • 、 、。。。

    Price: 11,450 million yen Surface yield: 8.71% Structure: Wooden 2 stories

  • 、 、。。。

    Price: 7,350 million yen Surface yield: 9.71% Structure: Light steel frame

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Why Choose Rich Road

  • A lot of cases where the annual income is increased by 150 million yen!
  • Repeat purchase rate 70% or more!
  • Private property More than 1000 always!

Customer Reviews

  • Merit 01

    In the first three years of real estate investment
    Annual income800Ten thousand yenup!

    The person in charge was light in footwork and introduced me to various properties.
    It is impressive that I thought about such a property as an investment and sometimes thought against it.
    My wife also likes this property very much and I want to keep it for a while while enjoying the big family business.

  • Merit 02

    As a measure against pensions, annual earned income is
    Income is180Up XNUMX yen!

    I was worried about the investment itself, but I became more uncertain when I thought about the future, so I decided to start investing in real estate. The staff was very polite, and we had them simulate the sale. I think that I was able to minimize the risk because I was able to consider from the selection of the property to the sale. It was really nice to contact us here.

  • Merit 03

    Annual income earned by tax-saving measures
    455Up XNUMX yen!

    As a result of purchasing a property of 300 million yen with 5000 million yen of self-owned money, the annual income from taking home increased by 455 million yen. I think it's a great idea to be able to make a proposal that can be recovered in about a year.
    Also, sincerely explaining my doubts and anxieties, I was able to purchase with confidence.
    Thank you very much. I would like to increase the number of buildings by a few.

  • example

    income180XNUMX yen up! Concrete example

    I want stable income as a pension measure
    If you have an annual income of 700 million yen and financial assets of 1,000 million yen

    * Property information "Kokuryo" station 9 minutes on foot  10 year old wooden apartment 10,000,000 yen
     Yield 7.30%  Annual rent income when fully occupied: 650 million yen

    Actual annual rent income: 520 million yen * The actual annual income is based on operating expenses and vacancy.
     Loan amount: 8900 million yen Own funds: 680 million yen (for various expenses)
    * Loan conditions  A certain bank: Interest rate 1.275% Borrowing period: 30 years

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We manage rental and building management with Rich Road Real Estate Investment.
There are over 2,500 managed properties in Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa and Chiba, centering on used apartments.


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