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Rich Road Co., Ltd. is a real estate investment specialist that supports condominium management and apartment management.
Number of registered members20,801Name, number of private properties827Full of profitable property information for investment real estate in the metropolitan area!

Rich Road, a real estate investment company that supports condominium management and apartment management

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Merit of 1R real estate investment

Merit 1

Investing from a small amount is possible and it is easy for beginners to start
Annual income 400 million yen, own funds 27 yenPossible from!
Easy operation control by early repayment and sale
Easy to make profit,Pension measures, insurance substitutePerfect for!




If you compare the contents, it will not go as described above because there is a borrowing limit for financing, but the rate of return is higher than cash purchase6.4 timesToo expensiveinvestment OfRate of return.
Principally repayment of principal along with cash flowProfitHas become.

Merit 2

Studio apartments under 1,000 million yenMany buyers
If it is a reasonable priceCash easily!
When neededRelatively easyCashI can do it!

Merit 3

By operating multiple properties
Reduce big risks,
Than other investments such as stocks and FXLow risk!

Merit 4

FutureStable incomeCan be made,
Effective management of cash on handIncrease is possible!

Are you worried about this?

  • What is real estate investment?
  • What kind of property should I choose?
  • Which is better, new or used?
  • What risks are possible?
  • What if vacancies continue?

Please be assured that we will answer all your concerns and questions sincerely. Please be assured that we will answer all your concerns and questions sincerely.

About a year on Rich RoadMore than 500 OfConsultation resultsThere is moreXNUM X rateOf our customers have become repeaters.
To your anxiety and doubts,Low riskThe staff who knows the studio investment method will respond.

In addition, we will propose a method that suits your purpose and budget.

* Please be assured that we will not do excessive sales or sales.

We will also explain risks and disadvantages firmly.
As a "real honest real estate investment company", Rich Road's philosophy,
“To make real estate investment a society that anyone can start with peace of mind.
And a society where everyone who starts real estate investment can be happy "
We look forward to all the staff in motto.

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Rich Road Advantages

Specialized in one prefecture and three prefectures -Tokyo / Kanagawa / Chiba / Saitama-

High liquidity and low risk based on data such as past rental demand1 prefecture and 3 prefectures(Tokyo / Kanagawa / Chiba / Saitama)

In addition, we also manage not only trading,Understand the conditions that will be determined as soon as vacancies appear.
In order to increase the satisfaction of residents, we have established a system that can respond promptly to the needs of residents.

Approximately 600 studio units

In Rich Road7% or moreTo customersRepeat purchaseWe have you.
Also, the number of managed unitsAbout 600 unitsYou can introduce a property that suits your purpose.

Handling only used properties

New studio apartments have lower yields (4-5%) and lower rents.
In Rich RoadUsed property onlySince we are introducingThe yield is high and there is almost no collapse.

One free consultation on one Rich Road building 1 advantages

Merit 1

Does not appear on real estate portal sites
Private propertyThePriorityIntroduce to

No separate real estate investment portal sites for individual consultationsPrivate propertyThePriorityWe introduce to.
In addition, if you register as a free member, you can see information on around 600 units including members-only properties.

Merit 2

Was in the customerLoanIntroduction

Timely investment information,How to use effective financing, Which financial institution is appropriate, etc., will be specifically explained and proposed! ! !
You can understand the financial institutions that can be used and the size of properties that can be purchased,You can get a loan on good terms!
With Rich Road, advantageous conditions and past experience for each propertyEach bank is familiar with the attributes of those who want to lendWe will support you with staff who are familiar with financing, so please leave it with confidence!

An example of a referral bank

An example of introduction

Merit 3

Private property balanceSimulate?

I will explain the specific property selection method and the income and expenditure simulation suitable for the customer.

Introducing private properties that do not appear on real estate portal sites

Partially publish private property

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Shiina Town
Location: Sinabu Station, Seibu Ikebukuro Line
   6 minutes on foot
Price: 750 million yen
Management fee: 9,700 yen
Reserve for repairs: 5,220 yen
Real yield: 7.05%
Structure: RC structure 1 basement floor, 5 floors above ground

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Location: Nishimagome Station, Asakusa Line
   5 minutes on foot
Price: 890 million yen
Management fee: 6,000 yen
Reserve for repairs: 3,000 yen
Real yield: 7.14%
Structure: RC 5 stories

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Location: JR Hachioji Station on the Chuo Line
   12 minutes on foot
Price: 310 million yen
Management fee: 6,300 yen
Reserve for repairs: 2,140 yen
Real yield: 9.89%
Structure: RC 6 stories

15 years of experience

Representative Director Rie Tokuda

Representative Director Rie Tokuda

We manage rental and building management with Rich Road Real Estate Investment.
There will be approximately 3000 rooms in Tokyo, Saitama, Kanagawa, and Chiba, centering on second-hand apartments.

Directions and Parking

Shinjuku Sumitomo Building 2F, 6-1-25 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Appearance and introspection


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