The 18nd Real Estate Investment at Home Seminar

This offer has been closed.
We are planning to hold the next one, so thank you.
February 2007, 4 (Sat)

Holding time

14: 00 to 16: 00

10 minutes break


Shinjuku L Tower Sun Sky Room
Room C, Shinjuku El Tower 1F, 6-1-XNUMX Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

nearest station

Walk from Okubo Station on the JR Sobu LineTwoMinute
Walk from Shin-Okubo Station on the JR Yamanote LineSevenMinute
Walk from Seibu Shinjuku StationFiveMinute
Walk from JR Shinjuku StationTenMinute

[First come, first served] XNUMX people



* If the capacity is reached, the application will be closed.
* There are no parking lots and childcare facilities. Please note.
* If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Privilege: Drinks, tea, free consultation


Report on "Real Estate Investment"

This offer has been closed.
We are planning to hold the next one, so thank you.

Report on the 18th Real Estate Investment at Home Seminar "First Real Estate Investment"


The 4th Real Estate Investment At Home Seminar was held on Saturday, April 14th, in the merry weather of early summer.

Everyone who carried on their busy schedule listened enthusiastically to Mr. Tsuchida, an attorney, and Mr. Hayase, a tax accountant, even though the lecture was studded with difficult points of law and tax. .

The following is a seminar report of Rich Road employees.
In the unlikely event of an error, the responsibility lies with Rich Road Co., Ltd.

Part 1 "Tenant trouble solution" Lecturer Dr. Tsuchida

Examples of tenant troubles are roughly classified into the following 5 points.
1. Rent delinquency
2.Unauthorized sublease, usage violation, other contract violation
3. Neighboring troubles such as manner violations
4. Deposit trouble after contract ends
5. Missing

There are two ways to counter these troubles: <Assumption of residence> and <Request to move out>, and <Request> or <Forced execution> to request move out.

Here is the point!
If you give notice to cancel your contract to ask for your move out, you should not receive any further rent!
Receiving a rent means admitting that the lease agreement is ongoing.
Let's receive it as "damage" instead of "rent".

Here is the point!
Enforcement is a difficult way to ask for removal!
If you are required to move out due to forced execution, it will take a considerable amount of time and effort.
And above all, the cost is huge.
Let's aim at leaving voluntarily.

Part 2 "Real Estate Investment and Inheritance / Gift" Lecturer is Mr. Hayase, a tax accountant

As a way of proceeding with inheritance measures, let's first grasp the status of all assets. Then, let's sort out the situation of relatives. After that, we will enter into the stage of solidifying the basic policy of measures and planning and studying concrete measures.

The following five methods are specific examples of tax measures.
1. reduce property
"Utilization of gifts before birth" "Utilization of life tax exemption quota" "Purchase of tax exempt property" etc.
2. Lower the reputation of property
"Countermeasures for real estate devaluation" "Utilization of special evaluation cases"
3. Increase debt
"Real estate investment by borrowing money" etc ...
4. Increase heirs
"Adoption" etc ...
5. Tax payment measures
"Sale of assets," "delivery / deferral of payment," "utilization of life insurance," etc.

Here is the point!
For example, if you buy an investment apartment in the name of a child ...
Since rent income is the property of children, there is no need to worry about inheritance measures.

Here is the point!
Real estate that is more advantageous than cash!
Cash 5000 million yen is only 5000 million yen.
Real estate has a reduced valuation, which is advantageous for inheritance measures.