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February 2016, 2 (Sat)

Holding time

13: 30 to 15: 40

Opening 13: 15 ~


Rich Road Head Office: Seminar Room
Shinjuku Sumitomo Building 2F, 6-1-40 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

nearest station

About a walk from JR Shinjuku Station West Exit8Minute 
Walk from Nishi-Shinjuku Station on the Marunouchi Line5Minute
Oedo Line "Tochomae" Station Direct connection

[First come, first served] XNUMX people



[Seminar participation privilege]
・ Free individual consultation
・ Our representative Tokuda 
  "First-year apartment management first grader" present! !!
・ Introduction of recommended properties carefully selected by salesmen! !

* If the capacity is reached, the application will be closed.
* There are no parking lots and childcare facilities. Please note.
* If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.



Part One
I want to know this time!
           Apartment loan latest information seminar

Part Two
Used one-building property specialized type, worried about my income
             Seminars you should know at the beginning of the year

After the seminar, we will provide free consultation to those who wish!
Please be assured that we do not do business at all

Seminar schedule

13: 30 ~ 14: 30

Part One
"Because this time
 I want to know!
 Apartment loan
 Latest Information Seminar "


● Final end! The period of the financial institution period from January to March is the time of apartment loan opportunity! ? ●

Let's make a positive loan at this time! !
At this time, let's squeeze slowly ...
Let's raise the standard of financing ...
Let's broaden the scope of loans a little more! etc

Unlike business loans, it has the characteristics of "business loan"
Real estate financing for investment is always changing.

So, this at home seminar,
From the Rich Road Sales Department, which is busy financing customers every day
Timely loan (apartment loan)InformationAs seminar information,
I will explain in an easy-to-understand form.


At the end of the period from January to MarchHow financial institutions work

Who can use this loan? condition is?

Financial institutions whose stance is changing(By specific financial institution name)

☞ Property + loanWhat form is effective?

Apartment loan interest rates

The troublesome relationship between loan examination and property purchase

Loan approval is not the purpose of real estate investment

In the futureWhat is the interest rate trend? What are the terms of the loan?


Instead of a general loan product description,
Based on practiceRaw informationI will talk only in the Rich Road Seminar.

In addition, we do not lend unequally to certain banks.
We hope that financial institutions in the Tokyo metropolitan area will actively cultivate and expand the range of customers' investment while conducting a wide range of financial institution transactions.

It is difficult to succeed in real estate investment with only loans or properties alone,
"Property + loan" must be well balancedA stable and successful investment mechanismIs completed.

◎ Those who are interested in the timely apartment loan situation
◎ Those who are worried about using loans, etc.
 Feel free to join the Rich Road Seminar.


14: 30 ~ 14: 40


~ 10 minute break ~

14: 40 ~ 15: 40

Part Two
`` Used one building specialization type
 I'm worried about my income
 Seminars you should know at the beginning of the year ”

● Surprisingly you don't know? Easy to start and profit! ●
  Used apartment investment seminar
This yearWant to advance asset formation!This yearI want to increase my income!
Fiscal year goalsIsn't it time to think about New Year?


資産 Future asset formation ...
に は To increase income ...
☑Tax is high ...
な ら I would like to take tax measures if possible ...

I think there are many things to think about.

This Rich Road Seminar utilized one existing building profitable property,
Asset formation and effective tax measuresI will explain.
Especially in a world where the tax burden on individuals is increasing,
Those with higher incomesRequired effective tax measuresIt is becoming.
The content of this seminar is
While taking tax measuresEffective asset formationHow you canI will explain clearly.
What real estate investmentAdvantageous asset formationCan you do it?
like whatReal estate investment method provides stable incomeBring?

The answer is
In this seminar,Specialized investment in used apartments (wooden, lightweight steel)I will explain.

-This investment,If you don't know a high-income office worker, it's very bad!
-It is said that it is difficult to get a loanThis is an apartment loan that can be used in used apartments!
-New construction division and used division are only different! ?
-This is a used apartmentValue up!
・ You can invest properly considering exit strategiesIs a second-hand apartment!
・ It is best to use a second-hand apartment to start real estate investment
-soDisclosure of investment examples that can be profitable!


I will explain these contents clearly.

In particular, as the social and tax system flows, individuals tend to be tax-intensive,
Well thereコ ン ト ロ ー ルIs important for asset formationIt becomes.
Combining this method of real estate investment with that point ... !

If you want to know about investment in used properties,
For those who feel that investing in one building is a little expensive
Please join us.
Start solidEasy to succeedDisclosure of investment law know-howI will do it! !


Individual consultation for applicants 15: 45-

Individual counseling by specialized staff


After the seminar, individual consultations will be held by specialized staff in each building.

The consultation will answer your questions.

カ カ カ カ カ カ カ カ カ カ カ カ カ カ カ カ カ 蛻 蛻 蛻 蛻 苓 カ カ 苓 蛻 蛻 蛻 √♀.


General Manager of 1st Trading Division Jun Nagabuchi

Qualification: Residential land building business person, rental real estate business manager
Birthplace : Saitama

Please feel free to consult. We will do our best to support real estate investment with peace of mind.

I think it's my job to make "understood" real estate investment "understandable."
And I will explain the stance that I will leave the decision at the “understandable” stage to the customer.




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This offer has been closed.
We are planning to hold the next one, so thank you.
Members will be notified by email as soon as the next event is decided.

If you are not a member yet! Member registration!