1 : Many members-only properties

There are many private properties that only members can see!

Login 1Rich Road Real Estate Investment focuses on the property details page. On the property details page,In addition to floor plans, 16 basic photos including property photos, surrounding photos, and station square photosThen, I try to make a page that can be understood by just the photos.
Furthermore,Comments from staff who actually photographed and investigated the property (from the station / station to the property / property)Has been posted. The comments include good and bad points, points of improvement, etc., and always provide easy-to-understand property information from the customer's perspective.
Rich Road recommends that you register as a member in order to view such property details. After registering as a free member, log in to the member-only page,You will be able to see property information that includes not only public properties but also members-only properties.Please take a look once.

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2 : Many members-only properties

Receive a unique e-mail magazine from all staff!

Login 3Sales staff at any time only for customers who have registered as a free member"Recommended property information" "Latest property information" "Arbitrary sale / fund property information" etc.Has been announced. Since the sales information is delivered by each sales staff individually, the number of times is somewhat large"I can get information faster than anywhere else"It is popular.
In addition, we also send out emails for seminars and individual consultations with priority given to members.
At Rich Road, where we value the connection with our customers,Individual consultation email service for sales staffthere is. The individual consultation email service will be given priority to members. Our staff will assist you from introduction to purchase of investment real estate, so please feel free to contact us.
* Individual consultation email service for sales staff ⇒ Real Estate Investment Trading Division Staff
* You can select the price range you want at the time of membership registration, so you can receive only the property information that suits you.

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3: DM of fun topic

We issue DM once a month to make you feel closer!


Rich Road Communication Sample: Click to see in another window.

Rich Road started “Rich Road Communication” in July 2011!
Story of company events and photos,Contents that make us feel closerHas become.

Rich Road Communications will be sent to your home every month, so please have a look!

* Please note that you will not be able to send your mail if your address is not specified.


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