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Question title: Minor purchase of investment property

My father is a salaryman and an apartment owner. Is it possible for a minor (elementary school student) to borrow from a financial institution or register real estate with his father as a guarantor or guardian? I thought that it was advantageous in terms of income tax because I had a longer life than my father, inheritance tax measures, and there was no other income, so I consulted. As a reference, if I was incorporated into a tax office before, I was told that it would not be possible to talk about elementary school children as employees to be eligible for payroll.

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Hello, I'm Tokuda of Rich Road. Thank you for contacting the bulletin board. Did you understand that a minor (child?) Bought a father's apartment with a bank loan and would not incur inheritance tax? In conclusion, you can register real estate, but you can't borrow financial institutions since they are 2 years old. If you are unable to borrow, you will only be able to purchase cash, but a minor may not have enough cash to buy and may be considered a gift from his father. Also, depending on the amount of income, there is a possibility that you may be out of your father's dependency, so it is difficult to answer whether you will take measures against inheritance tax unless you look at the overall asset situation. Please contact us if the interpretation is wrong. From now on, we shall strive for good relations.

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Answer staff: Rie Tokuda