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Question title: Can I loan an investment property while overseas?

Looking at question No. 32, I would like to ask if there is a possibility of the above contents and ask a question.
I am currently living abroad and will eventually return, but the return date is undecided.
There is a condominium that I purchased for about 2 million yen before I was stationed, and the mortgage is still about 700 million yen.
38 years old, annual income in the resident country is equivalent to about 1 million yen, something like a tax payment certificate in the resident country is available, there are few down payments because I do not have much Japanese yen, my wife's hometown I think if you can buy a condominium for about 3 million yen in Hokkaido.
When I checked with the city bank that borrowed the mortgage, I was refused.
I would like to tell you if there is a place where you can lend at a local bank in such a case, or if it is very difficult or impossible. In the question of No. 32, there was a message saying "In a bank that does business with our company, the annual income is XNUMX million yen", so I asked if it was possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but thank you.

From which country is the salary paid?

To the triangle.

Nice to meet you. My name is Tokuda of Rich Road. Thank you for your question on the bulletin board.

If you are working abroad, you can get a loan from a Japanese bank if the salary is from the Japanese head office, but it seems difficult if the salary is from a local corporation.
Does Mr. Triangle get paid from the site?
Depending on the country where you live, depending on the country where you live, there are also banks such as Citibank, Hong Kong Bank, and Taiwan Bank that are actively investing in real estate in Japan, so why not consult with us?

Recently, foreign investment in Japanese real estate has been booming. I hope the triangle will also make your dream come true! Thank you for this time!

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Answer staff: Rie Tokuda