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Question title: "Tiling"

Thank you for today.

I was re-reading the seminar materials received today, but I was so worried that I emailed me.

There was a statement in the document that the loan may be "tiled" as a condition, but is that true?
Considering that the tiles are just the surface of the outer wall and not the essence of the structure, the fact that such a condition is mentioned as a condition may be very nonsense.
Could you please give us a clear explanation?

I understand that it is a seminar for beginners,
Isn't it better not to give intuitive answers to questions from seminar participants?

As a company that deals with investment, I need to be able to explain the numerical grounds ...

Sorry for your late reply!

Thank you for attending our at-home seminar the other day!
Thank you very much.
I'm sorry for your late reply.

I checked with the bank about “tiling” and found that neither Suruga Bank nor ORIX Bank is currently stuck with “tiling”.
If you think about it, there are many new and newly built apartments that are not tiled.

Also, when I asked the first-class architect who took care of the “tiling”, the “tiling” before the bubble was carefully adhered one by one, so it was strong and durable. It was strong, but the sticking of the sheet after the bubble (the method of sticking the connected sheet of tiles) seems to be quicker, more difficult to repair, and more difficult to handle than mortar before that.
"If it's a modern tile, old mortar is much stronger!"

I'm strong! I believed that "tiling" was an apartment before the bubble. No, it's kind of like Taro Urashima.
I'm sorry to tell you an old story.

Also, I am sorry that I couldn't give you the exact figures for vacancy rate and oversupply. There are no sites that can search for such numbers, and the numbers published by the government are old and useless.
However, as you pointed out, if you can not talk about the numerical grounds, customers will also be in trouble, so I would like to do various investigations and prepare for it.

Thank you for pointing out this time! Thank you very much.
Your feedback is the treasure of the company.
Thank you for your continued guidance.
Thank you very much.

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Answer staff: Rie Tokuda