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Question Title: My Home and Real Estate Investment

Currently a 5500-year-old office worker who recently purchased a new detached house and has a low-interest mortgage loan of 10 million yen in XNUMX. For XNUMX years, there will be zero income tax and resident tax benefits up to the deduction limit. Therefore, there is no tax benefit in purchasing new real estate with a loan.
Also, the 3LDK mansion (top floor corner room) where I lived before was rented for 10 million years ago at 16 yen per month because the living environment is outstanding because it is close to the station, and it is vacant for now Never. This is purchased immediately.
Rent income = mortgage payment, but in the future I want to make rent income = mortgage + living expenses + ..., so I am wondering if I should buy another real estate.
However, there is almost no down payment, so I am interested in things like full loan and over loan properties. So please let us know what you should consider when selecting such projects and how likely such projects will be in your company (3-6 per year).

Thank you for your question.

Thank you for your question.
・ Points to consider when choosing a full loan (over loan) property
・ Frequency of properties with the above possibilities
I will answer about these.

From the perspective of lending by financial institutions,
From property valuation and personal credit
I will look at it.

While mortgages place an emphasis on individuals,
In the case of investment loans, the property itself is highly evaluated
I will be involved.

Therefore, it is necessary to select an investment property that is evaluated by financial institutions.
As a rough trend, calculate the evaluation based on the road price
Due to the large number of financial institutions, apartments with large land
There are many cases that apply when you look for it in the center.

Also, the main premise is that it is very different from
Except for customers who have substantial assets,
Full loan / over loan applied
Please note that cases are very rare.

Even in cases where the property valuation exceeds the selling price,
In general, more than XNUMX%
In most cases, you will be asked for your own funds.

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