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Question title: Tell me if you should buy a tenant property

I'm sorry I have a question about real estate investment. 
A parent is trying to buy a tenant apartment. 

Location is outside of the three prefectures of Kanto (a certain Kanto 1 sex town) 
The purchase price is 3000 million including apartment repair costs and sales commission 
Borrowed 3000 million in full, interest rate fixed, 2.7%, 10 years repayment
It is a 20-year-old steel frame. 

There is a crack on the front of the apartment building due to the earthquake. (Only this apartment without damage to surrounding buildings) 
The apartment has 9 rooms, 5 of which are occupied. The monthly tenant fee is 40 for all rooms. (All snacks) 
We are located one place behind a large road. It is 1 minutes from the station. 

Can I buy this apartment? 
The parent owns a few other tenant apartments, which is reasonable and crazy 
I am worried that someday there will be no moss or that it is this time. 
In addition, since the current owner dislikes cracking in the earthquake and wants to sell it, 
After all we think that it is safe to buy such a thing. 
If you like, you can agree or disagree. I hope you can give some advice.

About tenant purchase

Nice to meet you, this is Rich Road.Sorry for the late reply.

Your response has been delayed, but we will respond. First of all, our business area will be in one prefecture and three prefectures, and the rest will be outside the business area, so we can not understand the real estate investment market. (In three prefectures, you can make accurate decisions.)

Also, if you do not know the specific location of the location, the road marking, the compliance of the building, the area characteristics, and the annual income of the property, there is not enough information to judge even in our commercial area, so it will not be useful.

I can only answer like this, but please check it.


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Answer staff: Rich Road Staff