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Question title: Real estate purchase by overseas residents in Japan

Nice to meet you. Let me ask the following questions.
I currently live in Europe, but would like to purchase real estate for my return to Japan. I'm thinking about renting for a short period of time, so I heard that when it comes to not living on my own, it's a real estate investment.
I'm thinking of a small thing under 1000 million in Tokyo. The down payment is about 300 million yen. However, I think that the rest will be covered by loans, but since I work for a local company, all withholding tax will be local. Annual income is about 300 million.
Is it possible to get a loan in this situation? Is it difficult if it is not all in cash? I got the information that foreign banks such as Citibank can be examined because it is not possible at Japanese banks, but what about actually?
We would be very grateful if you could answer. Thank you.

About the question

Mr. Saito

Thank you for your question.
Regarding the question, I first checked with Mr. Citibank and they answered that I cannot loan if I do not live in Japan.
In addition, the financial institutions we handle are expected to earn annual income of 500 million yen or more.
At the moment, I think it would be difficult if it were not all in cash.

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Answer staff: Rich Road Staff