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Question title: Apartment already full

If you are looking for a property, you will find some apartments for sale with a yield of around 15% to 20% even though they are fully occupied.
I understand that even if the room is fully occupied, I may give up because of inheritance or suddenly needing money, but why is it left for several months after publication?
I thought that such a delicious property would be a competition, but is there any trap if the conditions are too good? I doubt it.

I immediately think that the current owner is using the rent guarantee service, and if you buy this property, you must continue to subscribe to the rent security service, and it will not be profitable due to fees or services I'm worried that if you cancel, you'll soon be full of vacancies.

In addition, there is no doubt if the former owner sells the room in full, temporarily lowering the rent and adding a resident, or forcing the acquaintance to live in a fully occupied room.

Please give me some advice.

Sorry for your late reply!

To Lehman 28
Sorry for your late reply.
My name is Tokuda of Rich Road.
Sure, if you can't easily sell a fully occupied, high-yielding apartment, you might think that it's strange.
From the point of view of our intermediaries, whether we can introduce this apartment depends not only on the yield and occupancy, but also on the distance from the station, the demand for rental, the height of land, and the relationship between rights.
Therefore, even high-yielding apartments that are fully occupied may be unsold.
It is very difficult.

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Answer staff: Rie Tokuda