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Question Title: Real Estate Loan Interest Rates

I will ask a question.

In the current economic situation
When buying a second-hand investment condominium with a loan (for example, if the property is 600 million yen)
① How much down payment + expenses are required?
② In that case, what is the interest rate?

A general example is fine, so if you can give me specific numbers
That helps a lot. Thank you.

Sorry for your late reply!

To good

Nice to meet you. My name is Tokuda of Rich Road.
Sorry for your late reply.

It is a loan of a used apartment of 600 million yen,
① The down payment is OK from 60 yen.
(40) Various expenses are about XNUMX yen for loan fee + registry office fee + brokerage fee + fire insurance fee + stamp fee.
③ Interest rate is about 4.5% by fluctuation.

Best regard!

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Answer staff: Rie Tokuda