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Question title: Apartment inheritance

My father-in-law was gone and I inherited the apartment. There are four buildings and the current asset value is XNUMX million yen. (One building is XNUMX years old, and the remaining XNUMX buildings are XNUMX years old)
It seems that rent income is expected to be about XNUMX million per year.
This does not include loan payments, funding for repairs, or rewards to management companies, so it is purely revenue. It is said that all the residents are present and the loan can be paid off in XNUMX years.
However, if you look at the recent economic situation carefully, it is in a very difficult situation and you rely on the annual income, and you will give up an apartment even in the worst case offset than living with a large loan and a mentally burdensome burden I think it might be better in the future.
My husband and his relatives are thinking in the direction of inheriting as it is, and I am thinking in the direction of only adjusting, but from the point of view of the experts, which is the best solution? please tell me.

Please review your balance.

To Sanana Mama

Nice to meet you. My name is Tokuda of Rich Road.

You are worried that you have inherited your apartment. Your father-in-law wanted to reduce heritage by leaving a negative legacy.

According to Mr. Sanana Mama's question, the current asset value of the four buildings is 4 million, but if the annual rent income is 7000 million yen, it seems that the profitability with respect to the asset value is low. But ... did you originally own the land? Is borrowing only a building?

For real estate investment, income is rent, and rent expenditure is loan repayments, taxes, fees to management companies, and repair costs.

If the inherited apartment is made of wood, large-scale repairs with scaffolds will be required once every 10 to 15 years. If the location is in Hokkaido, there is a possibility that a bigger repair cost will occur due to snow.

It would be nice to review your income and expenditures and plan for future measures.

However, in the case of apartments, land accounts for a large proportion of the assets, so if you want to make effective use of the land in the future, have children use it, or think that it is an ancestral land, just leave it as it is. I think it is a good idea to own it.

I'm sorry that I couldn't explain in a single word. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us anytime. Then ...

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Answer staff: Rie Tokuda