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Question Title: Real Estate Investment

Nice to meet you.
I am 40 years old living in Tokyo.
The 70-year-old parents own the apartment (about 20 million annually for 320 years). When I tried to increase my property, my parents couldn't borrow a loan, so we asked if we could do it together under a joint name.
Both sides have about 1200 million funds.
I think there are many ways to invest in the apartment, including what to do in the future, but I am an amateur so I would like to ask you a question to help you decide on your direction.
1200. Buy a used one for your XNUMX.
1200. Borrow a loan with XNUMX down payment. You can buy a studio, b apartment, c family
3. Sell ​​your apartment and buy it with cash. It is unknown whether it will sell. The target is the above three patterns.
For now, the above pattern is possible.
However, I currently have about 800 million home condominium loans. The plan my parents are thinking about is XNUMXc.
If possible, I will continue to study and increase the number of properties owned by me.
Please tell us if you have any other good plans.
Thank you for your consideration.

As an inheritance measure

Nice to meet you.
My name is Tokuda of Rich Road.

If your parents have an apartment, you can use it as an inheritance measure,

2, the down payment of 1200, the head confused with his parents,
It seems good to take a parent-child loan and take measures against inheritance.
This parent-child loan is a type of loan where the parents are debtors and the confused head is a solidarity debtor, and if the parents died, the confused head takes over the debt .
As you know, inheritance tax can be reduced by leaving parents with negative assets in the future.

Depending on the price of the property to be purchased, a 20-year-old apartment may be shared, but if the apartment is evaluated for security, a full loan is possible.

When choosing to purchase one of the following: a studio, b, one apartment, c family type, it seems that b or c is good, depending on your plan.

If it is c, you can use it in the future for your parents, confused heads and grandchildren.

Why don't you listen to the details of parent and child loans at your local trust bank? Then ...

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Answer staff: Rie Tokuda