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Whole apartment / condominium

[Fully occupied ☆] "Nishikawaguchi" station Large-scale repair completed in 30!

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 *** ☆ Recommended points ☆ *** 

 = Popular "Nishikawaguchi" area 

 = With a large land area of ​​about 224 square meters ☆ 

 = Stable family type property 

 = Repaired rooftop etc. in 30 

 = Fully occupied ☆ 



~ Area ~

JR Keihin Tohoku Line

★ [About Nishikawaguchi Station] ★

You can use the JR Keihin Tohoku / Negishi Line at Nishikawaguchi Station.

It is convenient to go not only to the city center but also to Omiya and Yokohama with one train.

☆ 27 minutes to "Tokyo Station" (directly connected to Keihin Tohoku Line)

☆ 21 minutes to "Ikebukuro Station" (Saikyo Line-Transfer to Akabane Station)

☆ 27 minutes to "Shinjuku Station" (Shonan Shinjuku Line-Transfer to Akabane Station)

☆ 26 minutes to "Ueno Station" (directly connected to Keihin Tohoku Line)

In December 2020, "Shimachu Homes Nishikawaguchi Store" opened on the west exit side, making it convenient.

There are supermarkets, home improvement stores, home appliance mass retailers, and 100-yen shops in the facility.

You can buy everything you need for your life in bulk.

It's about 20 minutes walk from the station, but it's called "Lara Garden Kawaguchi"

There is also a shopping mall centered on apparel.

There are many small stores in front of the station, but there are also medium-sized supermarkets about 10 minutes away from the station.

In particular, "Ito Yokado Nishikawaguchi store" has a good reputation for its good selection.


Those who are interested in this property!

Please feel free to contact the person in charge below ♪



Person in charge: Yuki Yokoyama

Phone: 0956-56-2311

Email: yokoyama@richroad.co.jp


Monthly rent
68.7 million yen (The amount of capital is incorrect here and in history, and should be divided by one hundred correctly.)
Annual income
825 million yen (The amount of capital is incorrect here and in history, and should be divided by one hundred correctly.)
Current status
For rent
1-chome, Kizawa, Toda City, Saitama Prefecturebbbb
Railroad / Traffic
  • 15 minutes on foot from Nishikawaguchi JR Keihin Tohoku Line
  • 22 minutes walk from JR Saikyo Line Toda Park
Steel frame
Build date
August, 1990
Land Size
224.81 square meters
Building Area
360.67 square meters
XNUM X floor
Total units
8 door
Land use planning
Urbanization promotion area
Type XNUMX residential area
Land rights
Construction rate
Floor-area ratio
  •  2nd floor or higher
  •  Door phone with TV monitor
  •  Garbage can
  •  Air condition
  •  Motorcycle storage
  •  separate bathroom and toilet
  •  Flooring
  •  Storage
  •  Indoor washing machine storage
  •  Bathroom vanity
  •  照明
  •  Corner room
  •  City Gas
  •  Parking Lot
  •  Bicycle parking
South side width 6m
Store x 1, office x 1, 2DK x 6
Occupancy status
Full occupancy
Transaction type
Delivery time
Request for consultation
Update date
Next scheduled update date
Within 2 weeks from renewal date
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  • Note 2. Since the situation may change after the property details page is created, we will give priority to the current situation.
  • Note 3. Brokerage fees (including consumption tax equivalent) are required for brokerage properties.