Whole apartment / condominium

It is built just past the shopping street!Newly built apartment 9 minutes walk from Kamata station

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***** ☆ Recommended points ☆ *****

= Scheduled to acquire deterioration countermeasure grade 2

= Convenient location located just past the station square shopping street!

= Popular location 4 minutes walk from the station ♪

= 3 stations and 3 lines available access!

= With some lofts & auto lock!



*** About the fulfilling environment in front of the station ***

JR Line / Tokyu Line / Keikyu Line

"Kamata" station

There are several shopping streets with many shops in front of the station.


MUJI / Yurindo / COACH / CHANEL /

Tully's / GEO / Kitano Ace / Nitori Deco Home /

Right-on / ABC-Mart and others ...


Uniqlo / Tully's / Kobeya Kitchen / niko and… /

docomo / au / softbank etc ...

[SunRise Kamata]

Life / Celia / Can Do / Matsumoto Kiyoshi /

Tomod's / Funny Town / Subway /

Mos Burger / Kaikatsu Club / Doutor etc ...

[Kogakuin Street Shopping Street]

Sutadonya / Pancho / Meat Manpukuen /

Shabu-shabu hot vegetables / Doutor and others ...

[Other shops in front of the station ...]

Don Quixote / McDonald's / Torikizoku /

Burger King / Renoir / Jonathan /

Mister Donut and many other shops ...


======= About access =======

 JR Keihin Tohoku Line 

About 31 minutes to "Ueno" station / About 23 minutes to "Tokyo" station /

About 18 minutes to "Shimbashi" station / About 9 minutes to "Shinagawa" station /

About 5 minutes to "Kawasaki" station / About 19 minutes to "Yokohama" station /

Approximately 48 minutes to "Kawaguchi" station / Approximately 52 minutes to "Saitama Shintoshin" station


 Tokyu Ikegami Line 

About 23 minutes to "Gotanda" station / About 19 minutes to "Togoshi-Ginza" station /

About 3 minutes to "Ikegami" station


 Tokyu Tamagawa Line 

About 11 minutes to "Tamagawa" station

Transfer → About 18 minutes to "Jiyugaoka" station


 Keikyu Main Line  (Use "Keikyu Kawasaki" station)

About 12 minutes to "Haneda Airport" station / About 6 minutes to "Shinagawa" station / 

About 10 minutes to "Yokohama" station / About 3 minutes to "Keikyu Kawasaki" station



The property passes through the shopping street that continues from the front of "Kamata" station.

It's a little far away.

I think that the convenience of the location will lead to rental demand perfectly! !!


It is a highly recommended property ♪


It is also possible to introduce a financial institution for the purchase of this property!

We look forward to hearing from you! !!



Person in charge: Yuki Yokoyama

Phone: 0956-56-2311

Email: yokoyama@richroad.co.jp


Monthly rent
85 million yen
Annual income
1,020 million yen
Current status
For rent
3-chome, Higashiyaguchi, Ota-ku, Tokyo
Railroad / Traffic
  • 9 minutes walk from Kamata on the JR Keihin Tohoku Line
  • 4 minutes walk from Hasunuma on the Tokyu Ikegami Line
  • 10 minutes on foot from Tokyu Tamagawa Line Yaguchi Watari
Build date
XNUM X floor
Total units
12 door
Land rights
  •  2nd floor or higher
  •  Door phone with TV monitor
  •  Air condition
  •  auto lock
  •  separate bathroom and toilet
  •  Flooring
  •  Partial loft
  •  Storage
  •  Indoor washing machine storage
  •  Warm water washing toilet seat
  •  照明
  •  Corner room
  •  City Gas
East side driveway about 4m
Floor plan
1K (with loft on the 3rd floor)
Occupancy status
Investment professional staff
Transaction type
Delivery time
Request for consultation
Update date
Next scheduled update date
Within 2 weeks from renewal date
  • Note 1. Applications, contracts, and sales may be canceled due to misplacement. Please contact us in advance.
  • Note 2. Since the situation may change after the property details page is created, we will give priority to the current situation.
  • Note 3. Brokerage fees (including consumption tax equivalent) are required for brokerage properties.

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