Whole apartment / condominium

[Building B] 7% new construction in Nagatsuta! 10 year warranty ♪ Deterioration grade acquisition ♪

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________ \ Recommended point / ________

● 8-minute walk from Nagatsuta Station on the Denen-toshi Line & JR Yokohama Line!

● All rooms have an area of ​​about 20 square meters (19.76)!

● Estimated annual income of 1207 million yen!Make a big income with this one building!

● It's a new building, but I'm happy that it's fully booked!Vacancy risk is low!

● Good approach from the station ☆ 3 minutes walk from OK store!

● Full of nice equipment!Apply for all rooms even though it is under construction ◎

● New construction privilege \ 10 year warranty / safe and secure long-term holding ♪

● Deterioration countermeasure grade acquired & semi-fireproof building



[Happy equipment]

Separate bath and toilet / 2 stoves / TV monitor intercom / air conditioner / security camera

/ Washlet toilet / Bathroom dryer / Additional cooking function / Delivery box

/ 1F / 2F folding ceiling / 3F with loft / independent wash basin / indoor washing machine / with storage


[Life format]

Access from the property ♪

〇 Karayama ... 4 minutes on foot

〇OK store ... 5 minutes on foot

〇 Komeda Coffee ... 6 minutes on foot

〇 Saizeriya ... 6 minutes on foot


Nagatsuta Station is so popular that even used properties with a yield of 7% will sell quickly.

In particular, new properties are hard to come by.

Rental demand is also high, so even though it is under construction, we applied for all 3 buildings → contracted!

"Risk of empty delivery", which is a worrying point of new construction, is completely avoided ♪

If you are looking for a new property with a secure guarantee in the area without a doubt

I think this property is rare, so I highly recommend it (* ^^ *)

We look forward to hearing from you!


■ Watanabe

■ 080-4413-6046

■ watanabe@richroad.co.jp

Monthly rent
97.6 million yen
Annual income
1,171.2 million yen
Current status
For rent
7-17-2 Nagatsuta, Midori-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
Railroad / Traffic
  • 8 minutes walk from Nagatsuta on the Tokyu Denentoshi Line
  • JR Yokohama Line Nagatsuta 8 minutes walk
Build date
Land area
292.82 square meters
Building area
299.25 square meters
XNUM X floor
Total units
15 door
Set back
3.85 sqm Private road 162.93 sqm Equity 1/9
City planning
Urbanization area
Restricted area
First-class middle and high-rise residential area
Land rights
Inspection certificate
Construction rate
Floor-area ratio
  •  2nd floor or higher
  •  Door phone with TV monitor
  •  Garbage can
  •  Air condition
  •  Gas stove
  •  Motorcycle storage
  •  separate bathroom and toilet
  •  Flooring
  •  propane gas
  •  Partial loft
  •  shoe rack
  •  Optical fiber
  •  Delivery box
  •  Indoor washing machine storage
  •  Bathroom Dryer
  •  照明
  •  Bicycle parking
North public road Width of about 2.8m and about 9.4m
Floor plan
1K + L
Occupancy status
Fully contracted

■ Inheritance of propane gas (lemon gas)

■ Fibergate Wi-Fi: 17,655 yen (tax included) / month Required

■ Water supply fee: 1,320,000 yen (tax included) required

■ Scrivener: Designated by the seller

■ Management company designation: Leben Last Co., Ltd. (Takara Leben Group)

■ There is a memorandum of understanding for shared use of sewer pipes with the neighboring land on the east and west sides.

Investment professional staff
Transaction type
Delivery time
Request for consultation
Update date
Next scheduled update date
Within 2 weeks from renewal date
  • Note 1. Applications, contracts, and sales may be canceled due to misplacement. Please contact us in advance.
  • Note 2. Since the situation may change after the property details page is created, we will give priority to the current situation.
  • Note 3. Brokerage fees (including consumption tax equivalent) are required for brokerage properties.

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