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[Seller] JR Chuo Line!Collar x brand area ★ Yield 7.66%!Beautiful ♪

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_________ [Recommended points] _________


\\\ High collar x brand area!The city where that Hitotsubashi Gakuen is located ///

\\\ Tokyo's main line 〃 JR Central Line 〃 2 stations available ///

\\\ Land 58 tsubo!Public roadClose to the road!Land value over 80%! !! ///

\\\ NationalYield 7.66%! !No brokerage fees ///


■ A town with beautiful cherry blossom trees There are many large condominiums and the cityscape is good

All 14 units  Only with this propertyBusiness scale of blue declaration

■ Indoor guidance is possible Vacancy partial rent guarantee

There is a repair history!Property condition is good!Furthermore2 years liability for nonconformity!

■ A lot of shopping facilities in front of the station

* You can preview it!Please let me know the site (^^)






[About the property]

A retro and lovely apartment with a yellow exterior and a reddish-brown roof.

This property has a history of repairs, and the outer walls and common areas are very beautiful!

The inside of the building was a spacious space without a feeling of oppression.

The common corridor and the entrance on the first floor are also spacious.

Since there is a bicycle parking space, you can also use a bicycle!


▼ About indoor equipment

● XNUMX tatami mats in the living room!There is enough space for living alone!

● There are 3 tatami mats with illuminated lofts! (106, 201, 206 have no loft)

⇒The room with a loft has a high ceiling and is even more spacious.

● Living room lighting, air conditioning, wide kitchen sink ☆

⇒I'm happy for students who cook for themselves or for singles.


There is a repair history!!Property condition is good!

□ 10 Exterior wall and roof painting work

□ 21 Exterior wall and roof painting work

□ 24 roof repair, garbage storage repair





[About rental demand]

The rooms currently rentedOther than 2 roomsWorking people move inIt has been!

Convenient location with direct access to major stations on the Chuo Line

It seems that it is successfully capturing the demand from working people working in Tokyo.

Also, "Kunitachi" stationNearest station to Hitotsubashi UniversityIs also famous.

Compared to similar properties in the surrounding areaRent is also set lowBecause we are doing

Once the corona has settled down, I think we can expect demand from students to move in!

* It seems that the students have moved out of the vacant rooms at the time of graduation.


* There are many universities other than Hitotsubashi University.

▼ Peripheral universities

Tokyo Women's College of Physical Education / Shiraume University / Tokyo Keizai University / Tsuda College 

Musashino Art University / Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology


Currently vacant rooms areWe will provide a 4-month rent guarantee after delivery.!

The annual rent income when fully booked is 607.2 yen (7.6% in yield), so

It is a property where you can earn a large amount of rental income (`・ ω ・ ´)!





[The road to the property is also fulfilling]

□ Kokubunji Naito Post Office 562m

□ Takizawa Clinic 602m

□ Kunitachi Medical Center 637m

□ Kunitachi Station South Exit Police Box 718m

□ Coop Tokyo Kokubunji store 706m

□ Sunkus Kunitachi Kita 1-chome store 719m

□ Ministop Kokubunji Hiyoshi store 733m

□ GEO Nishikokubunji store 758m

□ Smile pharmacy 816m

We have everything you need for your life, such as police boxes, hospitals, pharmacies, and convenience stores.

We have an environment where you can live with peace of mind ☆





[About land value]

Peripheral land transaction example × From this land area ...

Land value 6,366 million yen to 6,945 million yen! ??

* 85% -90% of the selling price! !! !!

⇒ Peripheral land transaction example: Area of ​​116 million yen to 120 million yen / tsubo

⇒ 116 million yen to 120 million yen / tsubo x hometown 57.88 tsubo = 6,366 million yen to 6,945 million yen


* In addition, some land plans will be changed!

Building coverage: 80% → 100%  Land value may increase! ??

● Fire protection area: Article 22 → Semi-fire protection area


▼ Land specs

♯In Tokyo ♯Along the central line ♯Land about 58 tsubo

♯Good land shape ♯Public road approach ♯Quiet residential area





[Many privileges that make me happy because of our seller's property]

This property is our seller's property!

No brokerage fee of about 267 million yen requiredIt is.

Contract nonconformity liability (former defect warranty liability) is 2 yearswill arrive!

⇒ There is a guarantee for "what if" in the unlikely event (^^) /

● Our companySupport up to managementLet me do it!I will not keep selling!

* We plan to omit the middle part.Please note that.





[About Kunitachi Station]

■ Popular route Along the JR Chuo Line!

"Kunitachi" station on the JR Chuo Line, which is directly connected to the city center and connected to the main areas of Tokyo.

For commuting to work, school, shopping, leisure, etc., you can fully utilize Tokyo and enrich your daily life.


☆ Excellent access to the city center ☆

17 minutes to "Kichijoji" station / 24 minutes to "Nakano" station / 29 minutes to "Shinjuku" station

Good access to Shinjuku with just one!It is a convenient station for commuting to work or school!

Also a large commercial area1 station 3 minutes to "Tachikawa" stationAccessable at!

⇒ Average number of passengers: 53,532



■ There is a bus rotary in front of "Kunitachi" station!There are many types and numbers of buses!

● Tachikawa Bus North Exit 

・ For "Benten-dori turnaround" ・ For "Tamakawa Josui Station South Exit" ・ For "Tokura Circulation"

・ For "Tachikawa Bus Josou" ・ For "Tokyo Soka Elementary School" ・ For "Namikicho XNUMX-chome"

・ For "Tokura circulation", "Keyakidai housing complex", etc.

● Tachikawa Bus South Exit

・ For "Tachikawa Station North Exit" ・ For "National Train Station" ・ For "Yasawa Station"

・ For "Kunitachi Izumi housing complex" ・ For "Yaho station"

● Keio Bus

・ For "Fuchu Station" ・ For "Seiseki-sakuragaoka Station"



■ Good security!

It has been designated as an educational district, including facilities related to the Fuei Law.

The installation of facilities that may disturb the healthy living environment is regulated.

It seems that they also patrol regularly!



■ A city with a lot of education and cultural activities

● Gakuen-dori spreads out in front of "Kunitachi" station, and Hitotsubashi University campus is beyond that.

● There are many art spaces, art galleries, and small coffee shops around Kunitachi Station!

● "National" is a place that was also used in many famous novels.

● There is a "Masuda Bookstore" in front of the station, which is also called the city of books.




Lots of popular spots!

□ Daigaku Dori

・ Cherry blossoms in spring, fresh green in summer, ginkgo in autumn, Christmas illuminations in winter

It is a wonderful street with abundant four seasons. (# ^. ^ #)!

・ There are many popular bookstores, restaurants, and convenience stores on the street, which is convenient!

□ Old Kunitachi Station Building

・ The "Old Kunitachi Station Building" standing in front of the station is a landmark of "Kunitachi" station!

・ It has been rebuilt as a public facility with the same appearance as when it was first built in 15.

・ It is also a tourist information center and is a popular spot as a waiting area ☆

□ Yaho Tenmangu Shrine

・ It is a shrine that enshrines Sugawara no Michizane, the god of learning, and is one of the three great Tenjin in the Kanto region, along with Kameido Tenjin and Yushima Tenjin Shrine.

・ It is the oldest Tenmangu shrine in eastern Japan and is famous for praying for traffic safety.


☆ Restaurants around the station ☆

Mos Burger / Doutor Coffee / Gusto

Royal Host / Steakhouse Texas / Yomenya Goemon

Line Misaki Port / Soba Dining Jiwanjoan National





The next station is the terminal station "Tachikawa" station!A large station with abundant fashion facilities! ]

Number of passengers getting on and off JR "Tachikawa" station: 166,636

Many fashion buildings in front of the station!!Holiday shoppingYou can do it at the next station! !

■ Popular select shops and department stores!

■ LUMINE Tachikawa / Grand Duo Tachikawa / Ecute Tachikawa / Isetan Tachikawa





[A word from the person in charge]
The property isOrangeThe color is very eye-catching!

The outer wall is also beautifulSo, I didn't think it was more than 30 years old.

The way from the stationMostly flatIt is easy to go.

Around "Kunitachi" station, there are chain restaurants and supermarkets, as well as unique general stores.

There are many exciting shops such as prop shops, art galleries, and coffee shops.

Hitotsubashi University students and localsIt is crowded with people and the atmosphere is very nice.


Thank you for watching until the end!

Please contact the person in charge for inquiries regarding requesting materials!


Person in charge: Kana Shibuya

Phone: 0956-56-2311

Email: shibuya@richroad.co.jp


Monthly rent
50.6 million yen
Annual income
607.2 million yen
Current status
For rent
2-2-27 Hiyoshicho, Kokubunji-shi, Tokyo
Railroad / Traffic
  • 10 minutes walk from Kunitachi on the JR Chuo Line
  • 15 minutes walk from Nishi-Kokubunji on the JR Chuo Line
Build date
Land area
191.35 square meters
Building area
208.14 square meters
XNUM X floor
Total units
14 door
Private road area
2.89 square meters
City planning
Urbanization area
Restricted area
First-class low-rise residential area
Land rights
Construction rate
Floor-area ratio
  •  2nd floor or higher
  •  Garbage can
  •  Air condition
  •  Gas stove
  •  Tiled
  •  Flooring
  •  loft
  •  Partial loft
  •  Outdoor washing machine storage
  •  照明
  •  City Gas
  •  Bicycle parking
About 4m public road on the northwest side
Floor plan
1K × 14 units
Occupancy status
14 out of 11 units are rented

・ Excessive building coverage / floor area ratio

* Some city planning changes planned 80% → 100% Article 22 → Semi-fire protection

Investment professional staff
Transaction type
Delivery time
Request for consultation
Update date
Next scheduled update date
Within 2 weeks from renewal date
  • Note 1. Applications, contracts, and sales may be canceled due to misplacement. Please contact us in advance.
  • Note 2. Since the situation may change after the property details page is created, we will give priority to the current situation.
  • Note 3. Brokerage fees (including consumption tax equivalent) are required for brokerage properties.

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