Whole apartment / condominium

[Price cut] Nakano 8 minutes 8,780 million yen (7.33%) Full! !!

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_____ \\ Recommended points // _____

8 minutes walk from "Nakano" station! !! !!Special Rapid Service Station ☆

● 8 minutes walk from "Shin-Nakano" station on the Marunouchi line

Large-scale development around the station It will be even more convenient!

JR Chuo Line / Tozai Line / Marunouchi Line available

● In this areaYield 7.17% (゜. ゜)

● Price 8,780 million yen It is a price range that is easy to work on!

● Good property condition No choking was seen

● 10 units in total Full occupancy(# ^. ^ #)

Redevelopment area Nakano Station The number of passengers a day exceeds 1!! ?

● Good land shape!

● Supermarket "CO-OP Mirai" is a 2-minute walk




\\ Access // 


① ≪ Nakano Station ≫ JR Chuo Line / Tokyo Metro Tozai Line

Number of passengers / number of passengers per day

Number of occupants:150,907(FY2019)

Number of passengers:163,466(FY2019)

→ In total314,373Number of passengers! !!It's about the same as the population of Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture (゚ Д ゚)


▼ Approximately 5 minutes directly to Shinjuku ▼ Approximately 14 minutes to Shibuya Station ▼ Approximately 18 minutes direct to Tokyo Station

▼ Approximately 17 minutes directly to Ichigaya Station ▼ Approximately 17 minutes to Nagatacho Station ▼ 13 minutes direct to Ochanomizu Station

▼ Good access to major stations in Tokyo, such as about 20 minutes to Otemachi station! !!


Chuo Line ⇒ Commuting Special Rapid Service, Chuo Special Rapid Service, etc.All trainsStations that stop at

Tozai Line ⇒ Other than Fukutoshin Line OfallSubwaylineAccessable to

Keio Bus and Kanto Bus pass, and you can also access Nerima, Eifukucho, and Asagaya!



① ≪ Shin-Nakano Station ≫ Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line

Number of passengers / number of passengers per day

Number of occupants:36,488(FY2019)


▼ Marunouchi Line

It operates between Ogikubo and Ikebukuro and covers 28 stations in Tokyo.

InsideShinjuku station, Ikebukuro station, Tokyo station, Ginza stationThere are many stations with many users.

It is convenient for commuting to work, school, and going out, and is used by many people of all ages.





About the \\ area // ~Nakano / Numabukuro area, which is focusing on revitalizing town development


♢ About commercial facilities ♢

\ Sun Mall Shopping Street /

  A lineup of over 100 stores with a wide variety of stores, from chain stores to individual stores, at the north exit of the station!

\ Nakano Broadway /

 A complex building called the sacred place of subculture ☆ There are many stores such as manga and anime, including Mandarake.

\ Nakano Central Park /

  A new spot with restaurants, office buildings, hospitals, universities, etc. centered around Nakano Shiki no Mori Park


 Widely expanding from restaurants to general stores ☆ MUJI, beauty salons, and mobile phone shops are also available!


◇ Restaurants and supermarkets at Nakano Station ◇

Matsunoya / Kentucky / Gindaco Tsukiji / Gusto / Peacock / Life /

York Foods / Seiyu


◇ Facilities around Nakano Station ◇

Nakano Sun Mall Shopping Street / Renagazaka Street / Fureai Road / South Exit Arcade Street /

Nakano Broadway / Marui / Nakano Central Park


♢ Information on surrounding universities ♢

▼ Children's Education Hosen University ▼ Teikyo Heisei University ▼ Tokyo Polytechnic University

▼ Meiji University ▼ Kokusai Junior College ▼ Waseda University



☆ About large-scale redevelopment of Nakano Station ☆

At Nakano Station, "Nakano Shiki no Toshi" was born in 2012, starting with "Kirin Holdings Headquarters".

As the supply of rental offices increases,New business areaExpectations are rising (/ ・ ω ・) /

In addition, many university campuses have been created and are beginning to function as academic cities.

Due to the redevelopment, the daytime population around Nakano Station2 million peopleHas also increased.

From now onArea where Marui main store and Nakano post office are locatedSo, at the plaza in front of the station or the house in front of Nakano stationScheduled for redevelopmentIt is done.

We are aiming for a bustling complex city area with residents, office workers, shoppers, etc. by improving the mobility of the station from north to south.



The property is currently fully booked!

An 8-minute walk from Nakano Station, the price is less than 1 million yen x 7.3% yield! !! !!

The conditions are quite good, so if you are interested, please contact us as soon as possible.

We are waiting for your inquiry \ (^ o ^) /


[Property charge]

● Person in charge: Misaki Uehara

● Telephone: 070-3193-2777

● Email: uehara @ richroad

We look forward to hearing from you!

Monthly rent
53.6 million yen
Annual income
644.16 million yen
Current status
For rent
Chuo 5-44-6, Nakano-ku, Tokyo
Railroad / Traffic
  • 8 minutes on foot from Nakano JR Central Sobu Line
  • JR Chuo Main Line Nakano 8 minutes on foot
  • 8 minutes walk from Nakano on the Tokyo Metro Tozai Line
  • A 8-minute walk from Shin-Nakano on the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line
Build date
Land area
95.41 square meters
Building area
104.13 square meters
XNUM X floor
Total units
10 door
City planning
Urbanization area
Restricted area
First-class middle and high-rise residential area
Land rights
Construction rate
Floor-area ratio
  •  Partial loft
Approximately 3m road on the northeast side Article 42, Paragraph 2 Public road
Floor plan
1R x 5 units, 1R + loft x 5 units
Occupancy status
Full occupancy
Investment professional staff
Transaction type
Delivery time
Request for consultation
Update date
Next scheduled update date
Within 2 weeks from renewal date
  • Note 1. Applications, contracts, and sales may be canceled due to misplacement. Please contact us in advance.
  • Note 2. Since the situation may change after the property details page is created, we will give priority to the current situation.
  • Note 3. Brokerage fees (including consumption tax equivalent) are required for brokerage properties.

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