March 2018, 3 (Sat) 24: 13-30: 16

We will hold [used apartment specialization type seminar & reform seminar]!


● Lecturer:

◆ Part 13 30: 14-30: XNUMX
"Used apartment seminar"
Consulting Division
Manager Hideyuki Suzuki

◆ Part 14 45: 15-45: XNUMX
"Reform seminar"
Construction Division
Manabu Kawamoto

● Date

Saturday, March 2018, 3 (Reception starts from 24:13) 
Seminar start 
Part 13 30: 14-30: XNUMX
Second part 14: 45-15: 45
Applicant individual consultation 16:00-

Very popular!
It is news of <used apartment specialized type seminar & reform seminar> ♪

★ Which is better, new apartment or second-hand apartment?
★ What is depreciation called magical expense? ?
★ The only thing that can be invested considering the exit strategy is a unique apartment! Why?
★ I want to know how to avoid vacancy risk!
★ What is “renovation” in one apartment! ?

In Part XNUMX, why invest in a second-hand apartment? This is explained in a concrete example.
The second part of the renovation seminar will include examples of exterior and interior remodeling
Let me explain!


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