Notice of handling of real estate trust beneficiary right trading


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This time, our company registered the second-class financial instruments business from May 27, 5,
"Real estate trust beneficiary right trading] Is now available for trading.

            What is Type XNUMX Financial Instruments Business?
            Buying and selling of trust beneficiary rights, which are deemed securities, mediation and agency of trading, handling of private placement,
            Collective investment scheme Refers to operations such as self-offering of equity interests. 

            Type XNUMX financial instruments business registration
            This registration is indispensable for running a real estate securitization business.

            What is a real estate trust beneficiary?
            A.)In general, for buying and selling real estate (ownership is from seller to buyer),
            B.)The trust bank is entrusted with the management and disposal of real estate, and the ownership of the real estate is transferred to the trust bank,
            It is a transaction that has the right to earn the profits generated by the asset and receives (buys and sells) economic profits.

            In other words, A.)Is real estate buying and selling,B.)Means buying and selling trust beneficiary rights.



◆ Notes on the sale and purchase of real estate trust beneficiary rights

Fees and rewards, etc.
The Company will apply for a brokerage business related to the sale and purchase of real estate trust beneficiary rights up to an amount equivalent to 3% of the beneficiary right purchase price + 6 yen (separate consumption tax and local consumption tax).

Important matters
(1) The trust beneficiary interest in real estate is a product with an actual dividend, and does not promise a certain amount of dividend or a principal value at the end of the trust.
(2) Depending on the price at the time of disposal, the principal may be missing or additional funds may be required by the beneficiary.
(3) Real estate trust beneficiary rights are not covered by deposit insurance.

Risk of loss
The trust principal includes the risk of price fluctuations of real estate and the credit risk of money management partners, as well as the risk of trust dividends. For details, please refer to the document issued by the Company before the conclusion of the contract.


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