On Saturday, February 2014, 2,HOME'S Real Estate Investment Fair 2014We exhibited at.

We set up a booth exclusively for Rich Road and introduced our customers and provided individual consultations to visitors.

Also, at the seminar venue, a seminar will be held by Kenichiro Yamakuma, a real estate investment consultant who is an invited lecturer, and Jun Nagabuchi, a building sales department of our company.

The event ended successfully with many people coming to the booth and seminars.


There were always many people before the booth.

Experienced building / division staff will solve your worries!

"Everyone who starts investing in real estate exists to be happy. 』
Under the rich road management philosophy, we will work together to support our customers.

Thank you for your interest in Rich Road!

Seminar venue

[The first half of the seminar]

  "One building, section, wooden, RC, new construction, new construction, old construction, city center, local area. What is the correct answer to investing in real estate? The truth that real estate companies do not say
Lecturer: Kenichiro Yamakuma (Real Estate Investment Consultant)

[Second half of seminar]

  "Where can I use the apartment loan?"
Lecturer: Jun Nagabuchi (Rich Road Co., Ltd., Building Sales Division)

HOME'S Real Estate Investment Fair 2014