January 2018, 2 (Sat) 24:13-30:14

[Corporate Seminar] We will hold a real estate investment seminar utilizing an asset management corporation!


It's been a long time!
We would like to inform you of <Real Estate Investment Seminar utilizing asset management corporation> ♪

As we proceed with real estate investment, we need to expand
If you are interested in establishing and operating an asset management corporation
Isn't there much?

"Individual tax increase / corporate tax reduction" means that the annual income of the main business is high and the tax rate is high.
Those who are thinking about expanding the scale of real estate investment in the future,
This is a helpful seminar.

* Because of the beginner's course, it is not for those who have already established an asset management corporation
 This content is for those who are considering corporate utilization from now on.

Please participate casually by all means.


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