We are pleased to inform you that the 141st home seminar will be held.

2019 years 9 month 21 day (Saturday)

★ [Part 13] 30: 14-30: XNUMX

"The first apartment management first grader commentary seminar-apartment selection edition-"

Part XNUMX Lecturer: Rich Road 

              CEO Rie Tokuda

★ [Part 14] 45: 15-45: XNUMX

"First Real Estate Investment"

Part XNUMX Lecturer: Rich Road 

                   Deputy head Hideyuki Suzuki

Applicant individual consultation 16:00- 


The 141th At Home Seminar “First Apartment Management First Grade” Presidential Presentation! Book commentary seminar! (9/21)

In the first part, Rie Tokuda, our president, will be on stage.

We are waiting for everyone's visit.