Apartment manager(Mansion Kanri)

IsApartmentManagement association OfConsultantDemonstrate that you have the required expertise toNational qualification


Condominium managers have expertiseApartmentManagement associationAdvice, guidance and assistance in consultation with the management union managers or condominium owners regarding the operation of the building, technical problems in the building structure including large-scale repairs, and other maintenance and management of condominiums. Perform consulting services such as As a condominium management specialist, he mainly assists in solving various problems related to condominium management from the perspective of a management union.

To become an apartment manager,Condominium Manager ExamMust be passed and registered as an apartment manager.

Because the condominium manager is a "name exclusive qualification", a person other than the condominium manager uses the condominium manager or a name that is confusing to this (listing the condominium manager on a business card or displaying it as a consignment manager on a signboard) Is not allowed in any way. In addition, a person who uses a condominium manager or a name that is confusing to a person who is not a condominium manager in violation of the name use restrictions will be fined 30 yen or less. However, the condominium manager is not an exclusive business, and does not need to be a condominium manager to act such as advising a management union.

When Toda Satoko surveyed about 2004 condominium managers in 1500 for other qualifications,Residential land building dealer(At that time, residential land and building transaction chiefs) accounted for 81.6%, and administrative operations chiefs accounted for 73.9%.


Apartment manager(Condominium Management Center)