Architect(Kenchikushi,English: Architect)

IsBuildingPerforms design and construction supervisionOccupationOr itsQualifications/LicensesIs a person with


Second-class architectsPrefectural governorUnder the license of, a superintendent of a second-class architect performs duties such as design and construction supervision (Article 2, Paragraph 3 of the Architect Law). Specifically, he is engaged in the design and construction supervision of the minimum required buildings for daily life, such as wooden buildings of a certain size or less, and reinforced concrete structures.

The limits of design and construction supervision by a second-class architect are as follows (naturally, a first-class architect can also perform the supervision).

  1. Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricular-hospital-theater-Movie theater・ Public hall, meeting place ・Department storePublic buildings such asareaLess than 500m²
  2. Wooden buildingOr the height of the building is 13m or the height of the eaves does not exceed 9m
  3. Reinforced concrete, steel, masonry, brick tile, concrete block or unreinforced concrete building or part of the building with a total area of ​​30m² – 300m², height of 13m or eaves height of 9m or less
  4. Buildings with a total area of ​​more than 100m² (or 300m² for wooden buildings) or with three or more floors (However, Article 3-3, Paragraph 2Prefectures OfOrdinanceThere is a provision that the size can be set separately by the

In other words, wooden住宅Also, it is possible to design and supervise the construction of small-scale reinforced concrete buildings (with a total area of ​​300 m² or less).