Building construction management engineer(Kenchikuse)

IsConstruction management engineerOne of the national qualifications.Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourismjurisdiction. Classification of building construction management technicians is first and second grade, so it is necessary to pay attention to the notation. (ArchitectIs defined as "first-class architect, second-class architect and wooden architect", not a number. )

National examanationIs implemented annually (implementation isGeneral FoundationConstruction Industry Promotion Fund).


Qualification implemented in accordance with Article 27-2 of the Construction Business Law. It is roughly classified into a first-class building construction management engineer and a second-class building construction management engineer. The first-class building construction management engineer is a qualified technician assigned to each sales office, which is one of the licensing standards for the general construction industry and specific construction industry, as well as a chief engineer and supervising technician installed at the construction site And handle large-scale construction (high-rise buildings, large-scale urban facilities, etc.). In addition, in the case of publicly important construction complete construction of 1 million yen or more or other construction of 2 million yen or more, it is necessary to have a dedicated technician and supervising technician who have these qualifications exclusively. Technically and managemently evaluate the contractors participating in public worksExamination of management itemsAccording to the technical skills rating, 1 points were assigned to the first-class construction management engineer in 22 out of 16 industries.

In modern times,First-class architectThere is no upper limit on the scale of construction for only the first-class construction management engineer. First-class architects are qualifications that cover a wide range of architecture, but in recent years have become qualification systems that focus on the design field. On the other hand, first-class building construction management engineers focus on construction planning, process management, quality management, and safety management during the construction process. In addition, there are many types of construction in the construction field, and personnel are required in each field of design and construction management, so in general contractors, first-class architects are generally design supervision specialists, first-class construction He is recognized as a construction management specialist. For this reason, there are differences in the types of occupations that can be performed as supervising technicians, and the number of first-class building construction management engineers is increasing.

Second-class construction management engineerbuilding,Skeleton,FinishingTo qualify as a second-level qualifier in all fields of architecture, you must pass at least three exams. Grade 3 does not need to be. It is recognized as a qualified technician of a dedicated technician placed at each sales office which is one of the permission standards of each general construction industry and specific construction industry, a chief technician and a supervised technician placed at the construction work site, Handle small construction.

From the viewpoint of compliance with laws and regulations and the high required quality required recently, both grades 1 and 2 ensure the precise required accuracy in building construction, and achieve the conflicting items in construction planning, safety management, quality control, process management, It requires advanced technical skills to complete the construction within the scheduled construction period. Also, with the recent rise in environmental awareness3RIt is also required to adhere to the philosophy of general architecture, so it is necessary to have a high level of ethical and management skills as well as technical application skills.


Building construction management engineer(Construction Management Center)