Financial Planning Technician(Financial Planning)
IsNational qualificationIsSkill testA kind of systemOccupational Ability Development Promotion ActDesignated test institution according to Article 47, paragraph 1 (InstituteStudy Group on Financial AffairsandNPO corporationJapan Financial Planners Association) Is a person who has passed the department and practical test related to the skills required for a financial planning technician.


It is a national qualification that certifies the skills necessary for planning and consulting (financial planning) of savings and investment plans according to customer assets,Exclusive qualificationIt is. The exams are classified into 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades, and can be taken according to practical experience and acquisition of relevant qualifications.

As a professionFinancial plannerIn general, financial planners in the narrow sense refer to those who have this qualification, but in the broader sense also include those who have acquired various predecessor official qualifications and private qualifications.

The proficiency testing financial planning occupation has seven types of selection work, and the grading performed is different. Only the asset design proposal business will be carried out by the Japan Financial Planners Association (hereinafter abbreviated as the Japan FP Association), and the others will be conducted by the Financial and Fiscal Situation Study Group (hereinafter abbreviated as the gold fortune). The selection work for each class is selected when applying for the examination.


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