Rental real estate business manager
Is a qualification system that aims to contribute to proper and sound management of rental management operations with specialized knowledge, technology, skills, and ethics necessary for rental property management. As a professional position of the rental real estate management business registered in the rental housing management company registration regulations, we will perform operations such as explaining important matters.
In order to call yourself a "rental real estate business manager," you must pass the qualification test and complete the registration procedure.


The real estate rental manager has been a public interest incorporated foundation.Japan Rental Housing Management Association, Public Interest Incorporated AssociationNational Federation of Building Lots and Buildings Business Associations, Public Interest Incorporated AssociationAll Japan Real Estate AssociationHowever, in order to position the rental real estate management qualifications that each group operated independently as a unified qualification in the industry, the Rental Real Estate Business Management Council was established and the rental real estate business management system was established.

The real estate business law has beenResidential land and building transaction business lawTo fair the real estate transactions,Act on Promotion of Appropriate Management of CondominiumsWe are trying to promote the proper management of condominiums for sale, but there are currently no special laws or regulations regarding the management of rental real estate, and rental housing is one of the four housing units in Japan. Even though it is a very important stock such as occupying more than one-third, troubles are increasing year by year, mainly in regard to the refund of security deposits.

In response to this trend, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism decided in December 2011 to protect the interests of lessees and lessees.Rental house management company registration systemWas established and a registration system for businesses that manage rental housing was established, and rules such as explanations and document delivery were imposed at the time of management consignment contracts, renewal of lease contracts, and at the time of termination. Registered rental housing management companies are obliged to carry out appropriate management work in accordance with these rules, and with the spread of this system, consumers will be able to manage management houses and rental housing It is expected that choices will become possible, common rules regarding rental housing management will spread, and troubles related to rental housing will be reduced. In such a registration system, highly specialized human resources are required, and the rental real estate business manager plays a central role as a person with deep knowledge of various laws and regulations related to management and rich experience in business. It is expected to go.

Based on the results compiled by the Study Committee on the rental housing management company registration system conducted in 2016, "Rental housing management business registration rules", "Rental housing management business processing rules", "Rental housing management business registration rules and rentals" "Interpretation and operation of housing management business rules" was revised (August 28, 8 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Notification No. 12 and No. 927), and companies that are registered in the rental housing manager registration system Included is the obligation to install a “real estate management manager” (or a person with more than 928 years of experience in management affairs) and the obligation to explain important matters by the rental property management manager.


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