―What is a real estate appraiser―
 It is an era when value is questioned because of the limited land area.The focus of the land problem is on how to achieve "appropriate land prices" and "appropriate land use."
 A real estate appraiser judges "effective use of real estate" in consideration of the local environment and various conditions, and judges "appropriate land price".In short, real estate appraisers are experts not only in the price of real estate, but also in the proper use of real estate.
  Real estate appraisers are active in various fields.Acquisition of public land, evaluation of inheritance tax standard land, evaluation of property tax standard residential land, including the system of land price announcement and land price survey for the national and prefectural governments to publicly announce the appropriate price of land, Real estate appraisers perform business in response to a wide range of requests from public organizations and the private sector, such as judicial evaluation, asset evaluation at the time of merger of companies, evaluation of in-kind investment, and consulting on real estate.A real estate expert, a "real estate appraiser," is an active and good consultant for your real estate.

-Real estate appraisal business-
 As one of the regular appraisal, there are "public notice of land price", "prefectural land price survey", "appraisal of inheritance tax standard land, appraisal of property tax standard residential land" conducted by the national and prefectural governments.In addition, we also acquire public land, evaluate in court, and evaluate assets at the time of a company merger.

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